Patients and Family Appreciate Our Long Distance Medical Transportation

Patients and their families appreciate our long distance medical transportation because of the excellent care that they receive during their trip to their new location. We specialize in transporting pediatric and adult patients from one facility to another. With many features that other companies do not offer, you will be pleased that you found our […]

Offering Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services

At ACC Medlink, we have helped many families safely transport a loved one from a hospital or other facility to a new facility. Our long distance medical transport service assures families that their loved one is safe and comfortable. Our patient transport services offer these advantages that place us above the rest: Our medical transportation […]

Our Long Distance Ambulance is Designed for Patient Comfort

At ACC Medlink, we are not an emergency ambulance service. We are a long distance ambulance service specializing in transporting patients from one facility to another. We provide service to every city and state in our Mercedes-Benz medical transport vans. These Sprinter Passenger Vans are second to none with a large interior of 76.4 inch […]

Our Medical Transportation Services Offer More

At ACC Medlink, we have been recognized as leaders in the long distance ambulance service for years. Families who have used us for medical transportation services are thankful that they chose us after they see how dedicated we were to transporting their father, mother, or other loved one. Whether the patient is an adult or […]

Medical Transport Service at Its Best

If you are looking for medical transport service with high quality service, top comfort for patients, and more, look no further. ACC Medlink is a leader in long distance medical transportation. If you have a loved one who needs to move from one facility to another, and it requires long distances, call us at 1-800-550-1025. […]