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Luxury long distance medical transportation service.
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New Orleans, LA Medical Transportation

ACC Medlink has long since recognized the need for medical transport services dedicated to the delivery of caring, yet clinically distinguished medical care both to and from The Big Easy. Specializing in long distance medical transportation (minimum 200 miles) throughout Louisiana and state-to-state, our goal is to provide pediatric and adult patients with comfortable transportation and expert medical care with a focus on personal attention that every customer deserves. Our committment to excellence has made ACC Medlink the leading New Orleans, LA medical transport service provider.

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Not Going Far?

Just going to a doctor's appointment or a trip to the grocery store? is a blog and directory of wheelchair accessible and assisted non-emergency ambulatory transportation service providers available locally for those traveling less than 200 miles.

About New Orleans, LA

New Orleans (pronounced N'awlins or New Orlens by locals, the only time that a hard E is correct is while singing "Way Down Yonder In New Orleens" or Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleenz)) is the birthplace of Jazz, a major US port city, important in river transshipment, naval logistics, and the illegal drug trade. New Orleans is located at the mouth of the Mississipi River, just south of where the river splits off into Lake Pontchartrain, which forms the northern city limit and a unique ecosystem because of the salt water boundary.  The Pontchartrain Causeway is the longest bridge in the world. New Orleans is unique in the United States for many reasons.  It shares more in common with european cities and Montreal than most other American cities, and both historically and liguistically has more in common with other port cities like New York than other cities in the South (the local Y'at accent shares similarities with Brooklynese).  The architecture of the Vieux Carre, or French Quarter, mainly comes from the 18th century Spanish period, is reminiscent of many european cities, and changes are tightly controlled.  The Garden District contains many stately mansions built in the early 19th century, after the city was purchased by the US.   There are two distinct local cuisines, cajun and haute creole.  Culturally and economically, since the decline of the local oil industry in the 1970's, the city and the attitude of local residents have more in common with a banana republic or a small caribbean nation than most US cities.  Tourism is the major industry, and Mardi Gras is the major holiday.
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Compare ACC Medlink

Here’s how ACC Medlink upstages competing transportation services.
ACC Medlink Sprinter Minivan Services RV Services
Nurse & Two Drivers Two professional drivers safe continuous transit
Sympathetic medical crew attending to patient needs
Compassionate bedside manners
Bedside-to-bedside service
Two drivers only Nurse and two drivers
Safety & Reliability Flawless driving safety record
Large fleet expertly maintained at regular schedules
Insured beyond all Federal requirements
All DOT safety requirements met & exceeded
Questionable safety record
RV collision and structural intregrity concerns
8” Memory Foam Mattress 8 inches of pressure free, memory foam comfort
Evenly distributes body weight
Highly energy absorbent and soft
Comfortable in any resting position
2 inch plastic mattress
Forward facing stretchers not DOT approved
Hospital-type bed
Not DOT approved for transportation
Passenger Captain's Chairs Plush leather captain's chairs with dual armrests No No
Beds for Family Members Three viscoelastic memory foam beds
Family can rest comfortably during long transports
Far too small No
Meals & Drinks Complimentary meals, snacks and drinks are provided
Meals and drinks provided Meals and drinks provided
Entertainment Options Flat panel HD-TV, DVD and Wi-Fi internet Wi-Fi internet only TV and DVD only
Bathroom Bedside commode providing unparalleled access
Allows safest patient transfers to facilities en route
Bed pan Small ambulatory patient bathroom
Pet Friendly All furry & feathered companions welcomed
No Varies
BBB Accredited Better Business Bureau accredited with an A rating
Yes No
Room for Proper Care Nurses can stand & properly care for patient en route Tight space, no head room Room for proper care
Mercedes Engineering Extraordinary engineering, safety and reliability
Mercedes promise of "the best or nothing"
No No
Low Emission Vehicles BlueTEC SCR technology
Complies with strict EPA/CARB 2010 standards
No No
DOT Approved Vehicles Department of Transportation inspected & approved
No No
Spacious, Comfortable Vehicles Best in class interior standing height
Comfortable beds for family
Cramped & uncomfortable Spacious but lack sleeping comfort for family
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