10 Clear Signs to Ditch Driving and Consider Senior Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Most people begin to drive during adolescence and continue for a large portion of their adult lives. However, there are some warning signs for seniors or the elderly that indicate that it’s probably time to stop driving yourself and seek other possible alternatives. Most aging adults are not fully aware that their senses are deteriorating, and as such may ignore the warning signs when they appear.

Engaging the services of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for hospital visits, appointments, specialists visit,s and cross-country medical transport may be the best option for you or a loved one of yours to ensure that they stay safe on the road.

Below are ten telltale signs that it’s time to engage the services of a NEMT.

1. Do you have several near accident moments?

Naturally, as we age, the brain becomes imperfect at handling multiple tasks. It is inevitable for seniors. Work out how often you almost rammed into the car in front of you even when it was entirely unavoidable.

2. Do you find that after every drive your car comes back with more dents, scratches, or broken tale lights? Or is your curb, mailbox, or garbage bin the unfortunate victim of several run-ins?

Seniors may face difficulty maintaining balance while driving or walking. Mobility reduces as we age, and it is worth making lifestyle changes to mitigate any possible risks.

3. Are familiar locations now harder to navigate?

Be it periodic dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and memory loss is a clear sign that its time to stop and make changes. If you are consistently taking the second turn instead of the fourth, then perhaps it’s time to opt for medical transportation. A good portion of your drives may likely involve visiting the doctor or going for scheduled tests.

4. Do road signs appear like their fonts are getting smaller each day?

If you have trouble reading road signs or noticing traffic signs, or even continually hitting the brake pedal instead of accelerating, then you should probably start driving less.

Agility and reflex actions are both essential aspects of a person’s physical health. If both responses are declining at a worrying rate, then it’s time to book a medical appointment.

5. Do you continuously misjudge gaps in traffic, highway entrances, and intersections? Do you find that you are much closer to the car beside you than you think?

6. Are you a constant cause of concern for other drivers? Do they honk incessantly at you, or do you find yourself continually making bad driving decisions?

7. Have you noticed a gradual decline in your endurance and concentration levels while driving?

8. Do you have a hard time paying attention to your rear and side mirrors while still paying attention to what’s happening on the road? Remember, with an increase in age comes a decrease in multitasking abilities.

9. Do you find that you are unnoticeably moving much slower or faster than everybody else in your lane?

10. Have you received multiple traffic warnings and tickets from law enforcement agencies recently?

For most people that have spent most of their teenage and adult lives driving themselves, these questions can be difficult to answer. If the answer to a good number of them is ‘Yes’ then perhaps it’s time to admit that you may require alternatives.

If you or your loved ones will need help with turning up for their medical visits, checkups, and visits to specialist facilities, ensure that they engage the services of a reliable medical transportation company.


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