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The Very Best Service

ACC Medlink offers the very best service in nationwide long distance and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) ground service. We have an excellent team of drivers, patient care managers and management staff that will work together to provide you with the most complete bedside-to-bedside service.

When our highly-qualified medical staff picks up the patient, they are already well-aware of any special needs that the patient may have (oxygen, stretcher or walker).

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Bedside to Bedside

Our medical staff is trained to provide customers with safe and reliable patient transfer services from bedside-to-bedside when medical transportation is needed to or from their home, nursing home, assisted living facility, doctor’s office or hospital. All of our medical staff members were chosen for their ability to provide non-ambulatory patients with maximum comfort when assisting in stretcher service transports.

Moreover, our medical vans and other transport vehicles are equipped with the very latest in fastening systems to ensure your loved one has the safest ride possible between destinations. A TV and DVD player with WiFi are on board every medical vehicle for entertainment during long distance medical transports. ACC Medlink’s highly-skilled medical team works with individuals, families and medical providers throughout the United States to provide the very latest in non-emergency transport services for individuals in our care.

The Most Trusted Transportation Fleet

We provide the best mix of comfort and luxury for patients with safety and peace of mind for the family, ACC Medlink makes finding the perfect medical transport option a great experience for everyone.

mercedes fleet

Mercedes Fleet

Our Mercedes Sprinter is built to allow the patient maximum comfort. Our state of art designs make our long distance ambulance service the industry leader. Our Sprinter is the best combination of luxury and value for patients traveling with additional family.


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ford fleet

Ford Fleet

Our Ford E-Series passenger van provides great value while still maintaining our high level of luxury and comfort. If your trip is shorter than 8 hours or no family is accompanying the patient, this is the perfect choice.


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Long Distance Patient Transport Services

ACC Medlink is the premier nationwide medical transportation company. We offer state to state patient transport for non-emergency situations. Unlike the typical ambulance transportation service, ACC Medlink’s long distance medical transport vehicles are specially configured for comfortable transport of patients who can not walk or sit up for extended periods. If your destination is more than 200 miles away then we are the safest and cost effective choice available.

Trust Our Qualified Staff

If you need nationwide elderly transportation or state to state ambulance service, you can trust our qualified staff to handle the patient with the utmost in care. We offer an experienced team of drivers, nurses and patient care managers who work together to provide the most comfortable experience. We have an excellent track record for safely transporting our patients over long distances. We will provide a medical professional and 1-2 drivers, depending on the length of the transport.

Luxury, Comfort & Safety

Our long distance medical vans are fully equipped to meet your needs and ensure the most comfortable ride. Whether you are restricted to your bed or you can sit up, our staff will make the necessary accommodations. We can even accommodate several of your family members or a pet so you can feel comfortable every step of the way. Our Mercedes Sprinter fleet are the only DOT approved vehicles in the entire industry for this type of transport.

Relax, We Will Take Care of Everything

All it takes is one call and everything will be taken care of. Our transport coordinators are standing by 24/7 waiting to assist your with your long distance medical transport needs. You can rest assured that your loved one is receiving the top level of care. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-550-1025.

CompareNon Emergency Medical Transportto the Competition

Here’s how ACC Medlink outshines competing transportation services.

ACC Medlink
Minivan Services
RV Services
Two professional drivers & medical professional
Nurses can stand & properly care for patient en route
Two drivers only
Tight space, no head room
No room for proper care
Medic and two drivers
No way to load stretcher onto RV
No room for proper care
2-Time Safety Award winner at Fleet
World Honours

Nationwide fleet – expertly maintained
Insured beyond all Federal requirements
Questionable safety record
Questionable maintenance record
Structure not safe for passengers
Questionable maintenance record
No crash-safety standards required
8-inch memory foam mattresses
Passenger beds DOT-approved for safety
ALL DOT safety requirements met
2-inch plastic mattress
Not DOT-approved for
medical transport
Hospital-type bed
Not DOT-approved for
medical transport
Custom Bedside commode
providing unparalleled access
Bedpan only Small ambulatory bathroom
Not ideal for patient transfer
Low Emission Vehicles
BlueTEC SCR technology
Complies with strict EPA/CARB standards
Not Low Emission Vehicles Not Low Emission Vehicles