We typically provide two drivers when a ride is over 11 hours. Most of the time transports under 11 hours will only have one driver.

We typically allow up to two additional passengers at no extra charge. Our Mercedes Sprinters are spacious and comfortable. Keep in mind, as more passengers are added the weight slightly affects the medical transport.

Yes, we allow pets for ground transportation. Keep in mind the amount of luggage and other passengers who will be accompanying you during transit.

If the client cancels their ground transportation reservation for any reason, at any time before the transportation date, a partial refund may be given at the sole discretion of ACC. We encourage you to ask your Transport Specialist about our cancellation policy if you’d like more information, which will be provided upon booking your service.

Yes. We may request proof of service upon booking your trip, as each Veteran Discount is granted upon individual discretion.

Yes, we do have commercial escort services. Visit this page.

Transportation costs vary by patient and transport distance. Speak with one of our professionally trained Transport Specialists for more information.

No, we only do long-distance, state-to-state transports. We’ve been specializing in Long Distance Medical Transportation for more than eight years.

We have a fleet of modern, customized Mercedes Sprinter vans, surpassing 10 MILLION miles of transportation.

“Our Mercedes Fleet is the most comfortable option in the industry.”

-Mike Peat, CEO

Air Critical Care Medlink stands out by providing patients with extraordinary service and accommodating their families in comfort and luxury. We provide 24-hour service in every city and state, nationwide, and we always add a “personal touch,” caring for each patient like family.

No. We are not an ambulance, as an ambulance would be far too uncomfortable for long-distance transports. We transfer dependent patients with medical needs from one state to another.

We accept checks and credit card payments. We also accept payment through Zelle (a banking app that provides a quick way to send money) and wire transfers. Speak with your Transport Specialist for more information.

Yes, we typically can accommodate four to six carry-on-sized bags. Keep in mind the weight of the vehicle when deciding on your luggage to passenger ratio.

We have drinks and snacks on board, and we stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner based on the patient’s choosing and where the vehicle is currently located. We continue to transport immediately afterward.

No, we don’t have a refrigerator, but we do keep a cooler handy. Ask for specifics while booking your trip.

Yes, we have a bedside commode on board, where our professional medical staff is happy to assist the patient. There is a curtain divider for privacy.

Our medical professionals are RN’s, LPN’s, and EMT Paramedics.

Oxygen nebulizer (concentrator and tanks), PEG tube pump, AED, suction, blood sugar monitoring, BP cuff, and thermometer.

We only need 24 – 48 hours’ notice depending on where the transport departs. If the transport is leaving from somewhere out west, we request 72 hours notice to set up your service.

If the patient has a medical emergency during the transport, we re-route to the nearest E.R. Our drivers are prepared to change course immediately.

We ensure our drivers have a clean driving record and we host a vigorous background check. They also need to pass an initial drug test, as well as random drug tests throughout their employment with us.

Yes. We run an initial drug test at the start of each medical staff member’s employment, and we conduct random drug tests throughout their employment, as well.

No. RVs are not DOT approved and do not have the proper safety features that Mercedes Sprinter vans possess.

Yes. We try and limit the stops as much as possible. If you need to stop for a specific reason, we’ll absolutely make accommodations. We will also stop for any food requests. Please see “When and Where Do We Get Food?” above.

We recommend calling your insurance first to inquire about reimbursements with ACC Medlink, because in most cases we’ve seen, insurance does not cover our state-to-state transport service. If they are able, we then provide them with all the requested information; however, you will be responsible for invoicing your provider directly.


ACC Medlink Fleet Fully Equipped With Power Lift Pro Systems

When choosing a medical transport service provider, you must ensure to choose one that not only focuses on getting you to your destination, but also prioritizes using the safest, most conducive, and most efficient sets of vehicle fleets and equipment to do the job.


ACC Medlink Stars In TLC Hit Show

ACC Medlink appeared on the TLC television network reality show “1000 LB Sisters” to transport one of the cast members from Ohio to a doctor in Kentucky. Filmed in late 2022, ACC Medlink, four of its employees and the journey they took with Tammy Slaton were featured in episode 6 of season 4, which originally aired on February 21, 2023.


New Fleet of Elite Medical Transport Vehicles

ACC Medlink is proud to announce the addition of a new line of elite medical sprinter vans to our long distance medical transport fleet. This addition will allow ACC Medlink to continue to provide superior service and outstanding care for those in need of medical transport out of state...