5 Advantages of Senior Patient Transportation Services

As you or your loved ones begin to age, moving from one point to another will get harder. Today, one in five seniors has a form of mobility issue. A good number of them also struggle with their vision, making it harder for them to drive themselves. As a result, most seniors struggle to move […]

4 Reasons To Use A Wheelchair Transport Service

In today’s society, senior citizens or other individuals who use wheelchairs have limited transportation options. It is for this reason that wheelchair transportation services exist. These services provide comfortable non-emergency medical transportation for their clients on wheelchairs or those who have mobility challenges. Wheelchair transport services offer accessible transportation to individuals who use wheelchairs to […]

How to Choose the Best Medical Transport Company

Accidents, emergencies, disabilities, and the likes are not something that most of us thoughtfully plan for. Thus, when they occur to either us or a loved one, the ripple effect can be devastating for both the person involved and their loved ones. However, medical transport companies are essential in such situations; both in emergency and […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Engage the Services of a Private Medical Transport Company

The dialogue around providing accessible health services usually was at the heart of its major concerns like overuse of emergency rooms and highly-priced prescriptions/drugs. However, one subject that gets very little attention yet could have a significant impact on accessibility to proper health care is medical transportation. In recent times, medical transportation services have witnessed […]

Air Ambulance – Low-Cost Options?

When talk of an air ambulance crops up, most minds would usually race to the white or red emergency vehicles that dot the road. But do you know that there are also ambulances in the sky? An air ambulance is a fast and safe medium for critical patient excavation or a transfer of a non-emergency […]

Introduction to Local Medical Transportation

“Health is wealth” is a common phrase for promoting general well-being. While nobody wishes to be in an accident or experience severe illness, they are unavoidable. The difference between saving a life and losing it often boils down to how quickly they get help. For the longest time, local medical transportation has been the difference […]

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: What It Is And Who Should Use It?

There are two kinds of medical attention based on the urgency of treatment required, emergency and non-emergency medical treatment. For the former, ambulances and sometimes helicopters, may be used to transport patients in need of urgent medical attention to a trauma-unit or hospital. Here, time is of the essence, and medical ambulances used are fully […]

What is a patient transport service?

A patient transport service is a form of non-emergency medical transport service that is primarily concerned with the movement of patients from or to a specific location in non-emergency cases, or where the need to administer medical treatment is not imperative. This service is specifically meant to cater to patients that need to from one […]