Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services: Getting Medical Assistance from ACC Medlink

ACC Medlink’s non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) services represent an aspect of medical transportation services that deal with qualified persons who would like to travel long-distance from one state to another using a bedside-to-bedside service accompanied by trained medical professionals. These patients or healthcare beneficiaries either have no functional vehicle or are unable to travel over […]

A Patient’s Guide to Why Medical Transportation Is Important

Medical transportation is essential for the overall wellbeing of any individual, especially the sick, physically impaired, and elderly. The availability of safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation services impacts a person’s ability to access appropriate medical care and attention or cater to their daily needs. Reliable medical transport providers like ACC Medlink play vital roles in […]

ACC Medlink uses The Revolutionary Stryker Power-PRO XT Stretcher on All its Fleets

Client being loaded into Sprinter van with Stryker Power Pro XT Stretcher

Medical transportation is an essential component of effective healthcare delivery. Patients often depend on the services of a reliable medical transport service provider in order to make it to traverse without the need to worry about their safety. Without these special transport caregivers, many aged, physically impaired, chronically ailed, and severely injured patients would be […]

5 Reasons to Choose ACC Medlink For All Your Medical Transport Needs Today

At ACC Medlink, we pride ourselves on being one of the most reputable medical transport companies in the United States. Since 2010, we have been safely transporting patients to various parts of the country. Our prestige as a medical transport company stems from our commitment and determination to offer nothing short of the safest, most […]

How NEMTs Help to Improve Medical Transport Service Costs for Patients

NEMT (Non-emergency Medical Transport) service providers serve as a reliable transport resource for patients who need assistance traveling from one location to another to receive medical care, even though they may not necessarily be in an emergency. This transport service helps to strike a balance between efficiency of service delivery and timeliness of service. By […]

Benefits of Choosing a Veteran-owned Medical Transport Company

Access to essential health services is crucial to everyone, including aged, disabled, critically injured, and chronically ailed veterans. Many times, this population segment experiences unnecessary inconveniences when trying to meet important medical appointments. However, having served their state in such noble capacities, they deserve some considerably advantaged services, especially in medical transportation. Veteran-owned medical transport […]

How Long Distance Medical Transport Companies Prepare For Emergency Situations

People are often scared to leave their loved ones in the care of a stranger. In reality, you know nothing about the employees in non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) firms. However, they are often vetted through a lengthy interview process to determine if they have credible and trustworthy personalities to care for an individual. There is […]

5 Major Impact of Medical Transportation Service on the Society

5 Major Impact of Medical Transportation Service on the Society The evolution of healthcare delivery is not complete without medical transportation services. In the days before ambulances and air medical flights, many people died from curable illnesses when they needed urgent medical attention. These days, many rural areas have no access to healthcare facilities, not […]

Does Medicare Cover Non-Emergency Medical Transport?

Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) is not included in the Medicare package, except under special circumstances. These circumstances are warranted when a physician puts into writing that the medical trip is necessary. If granted, only a healthcare company duly registered with Medicare is allowed to provide transportation medical services. As mentioned earlier, Medicare covers NEMT under […]

4 Reasons Why Non-Emergency Transport Services are Important

Public health emergencies are an essential concern globally and across the state. When patients are faced with various health challenges, they often require the services of a reliable medical transport provider to convey them to their medical appointments. In situations like these, non-emergency transport services offer a safe and reliable means to help patients travel […]

Tips on Finding the Right Medical Transport Service Provider

Medical transport service providers assist individuals who can’t travel by themselves, being medically incapacitated. There are several different medical situations that you or your loved one might have, predisposing them to need transportation assistance. So, finding the right non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service provider could be a pretty challenging task. The following tips will guide […]

When Do We Consider a Non-Emergency Medical Transport as Long Distance Transportation?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) could either be short or long-distance medical transport. Non-Emergency Medical Transport companies generally define long-distance as any transportation that occurs at least over 200 miles. Where a trip is within 24 hours or less than 1,500 miles, it is often advisable to travel by road than by air. Patients who need […]