Benefits of Using ACC Medlink as Your Long Distance Medical Transportation Service

ACC Medlink specializes in long distance medical transportation services. With vehicles built for the long transports designed with safety and comfort in mind for all family members on board. 1) Use of the medical transportation services at ACC Medlink assures patients and family members of accessing necessary medical equipment. Such as an oxygen concentrator, Feeding […]

How to Medically Transport an Elderly Person Long Distance

Transporting an elderly person who is sick or has many medical needs is challenging because of limited mobility and other issues. Family and caregivers frequently turn to the internet for answers when they need to move a senior loved one over a long distance. This is where they can find many choices for non-emergency transport. […]

Wesley Weysham,. Retired Firefighter and our own Medic died helping crash victim

On Sunday February 24th, we lost a dear friend and medical professional Wesley Weysham. Wesley had been working with ACC Medlink for a while and was loved by our crew, patients, and their families alike. He was one of our best and most caring medics and will be missed immensely. The accident happened around 4:30 a.m. […]

Choosing the Right Type of Vehicle

When you need medical transport for yourself or a loved one, it is very important to choose a company that is accredited, insured, experienced and has an excellent reputation. Another consideration is the type of vehicles that are being used, some are not suitable for long distant medical transport. A recent incident in Florida is […]

Illinois Medical Transport Services

ACC Medlink is a leader in medical transportation for the state of Illinois. The company offers transport services for trips of 200 miles or more to any city within the United States. Its comfortable vehicles have the latest technology to keep a loved one safe and are staffed by licensed professionals to provide quality care. […]