How Local Medical Transport Can Help Improve Patient’s Well-being

The majority of patients need a means of transportation to get to the hospital. This is true for persons living in rural areas that are far away from a clinic. People living in cities may still live miles away from the centers in which they are getting medical attention. In situations like these, there‚Äôs a […]

Six Reasons To Opt For A Medical Transport Service

Approximately 3.6 million Americans miss or delay medical care, owing to their inability to meet up with medical appointments. Usually, this is a direct result of a lack of transportation options. The need for dependable medical transport service is crucial, as people who are unable to receive or seek medical attention when needed, risk jeopardizing […]

6 Qualities Of A Good Medical Transportation Company

Medical transportation entails more than any other regular transportation business. Unlike the transportation of cargo, moving people is a lot more complex; the safety of the patient, their convenience, and the administering of necessary medical care while in transit. On a long haul medical transport service, the importance of these factors cannot be overemphasized. Safety, […]

Flight Nurse Medical Escorts

Flight nurses are registered nurses who provide comprehensive pre-hospital, emergency, and critical care to a patient aboard an aircraft. They are an integral part of an air medical transportation team. Flight medics and respiratory therapists often accompany a flight nurse. However, a flight physician leads the team on special occasions. Scenarios where medical transportation is […]

The Safest and Most Comfortable Medical Transport Services

Medical transport involves the transportation of patients from one point to another. However, it is imperative that patients are transported in the most efficient and safest possible manner. There should be absolutely zero compromises on the latter. To continue to offer and improve on our full range of medical transport services, we have decided to […]

5 Advantages of Senior Patient Transportation Services

As you or your loved ones begin to age, moving from one point to another will get harder. Today, one in five seniors has a form of mobility issue. A good number of them also struggle with their vision, making it harder for them to drive themselves. As a result, most seniors struggle to move […]

4 Reasons To Use A Wheelchair Transport Service

In today’s society, senior citizens or other individuals who use wheelchairs have limited transportation options. It is for this reason that wheelchair transportation services exist. These services provide comfortable non-emergency medical transportation for their clients on wheelchairs or those who have mobility challenges. Wheelchair transport services offer accessible transportation to individuals who use wheelchairs to […]

How to Choose the Best Medical Transport Company

Accidents, emergencies, disabilities, and the likes are not something that most of us thoughtfully plan for. Thus, when they occur to either us or a loved one, the ripple effect can be devastating for both the person involved and their loved ones. However, medical transport companies are essential in such situations; both in emergency and […]