Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services: Getting Medical Assistance from ACC Medlink

ACC Medlink’s non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) services represent an aspect of medical transportation services that deal with qualified persons who would like to travel long-distance from one state to another using a bedside-to-bedside service accompanied by trained medical professionals. These patients or healthcare beneficiaries either have no functional vehicle or are unable to travel over […]

A Patient’s Guide to Why Medical Transportation Is Important

Medical transportation is essential for the overall wellbeing of any individual, especially the sick, physically impaired, and elderly. The availability of safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation services impacts a person’s ability to access appropriate medical care and attention or cater to their daily needs. Reliable medical transport providers like ACC Medlink play vital roles in […]

ACC Medlink uses The Revolutionary Stryker Power-LOAD XT System on All its Fleets

Client being loaded into Sprinter van with Stryker Power Pro XT Stretcher

Medical transportation is an essential component of effective healthcare delivery. Patients often depend on the services of a reliable medical transport service provider in order to make it to traverse without the need to worry about their safety. Without these special transport caregivers, many aged, physically impaired, chronically ailed, and severely injured patients would be […]

5 Reasons to Choose ACC Medlink For All Your Medical Transport Needs Today

At ACC Medlink, we pride ourselves on being one of the most reputable medical transport companies in the United States. Since 2010, we have been safely transporting patients to various parts of the country. Our prestige as a medical transport company stems from our commitment and determination to offer nothing short of the safest, most […]

5 Types of Medical Transport Services

There are quite many medical transport services patients, their families, and other users can count on, such as emergency ambulatory transportation and other medical transportation services. Knowing the correct type of transportation for your needs will help you save your money and arrive safely at your destination and on time. This article presents some of […]

Air Ambulance Cost: Top 5 Factors to Consider

Some medical conditions necessitate the need to quickly transfer a patient from their home to the hospital or from one hospital to another. That’s where an air ambulance aircraft comes into play with patients flown to their destination under medical supervision, either seated or lying down, depending on their health condition. Cost is worth considering […]

5 Reasons Why Medical Air Transport Services are Ideal

One crucial advantage that air medical transport services provide is their reliability, especially in urgent situations. Medical air transport services can deliver in tight cases where regular medical ground transportation may not. It is not hindered by traffic factors or other ground-type hindrances. In the event of an emergency, air transport can be relied upon […]

4 Factors That Affect the Cost of Long-Distance Ambulance

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services focus on people who do not have a medical emergency but require some level of medical aid or assistance during transit. It has been estimated that about 3.6 million people living in the United States fail to show up for their medical appointment or defer their treatments/sessions due to the unavailability of […]

Why Long-distance Medical Transport Providers Use Specialized Patient Transport Ambulances

Patients who have to travel long distances to attend important medical appointments require the assistance of professional medical transport services that are fully equipped with advanced patient transport ambulances. Specialized provisions like this ease the job for the service providers and increase the safety and comfort of the concerned patients throughout the trip. For instance, […]

Why Modern Healthcare Systems Need Medical Transport Services

Medical transportation plays a crucial role in ensuring that people receive adequate medical care and attention whenever needed. Without access to proper medical transportation services, many patients would not meet up with their medical appointments promptly. While some people can easily drive themselves or utilize public transport, others, especially the elderly, physically disadvantaged, and those […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Long-Distance Ambulance Transport

Long-distance ambulances are specially designed to fulfill the transportation needs of various people, especially the elderly, disabled persons, and others who have non-emergency appointments at medical facilities. These vehicles are equipped with various safety functionalities that make it convenient for people with special needs to access the best level of care on a medical trip.  […]

5 Essential Benefits of Medical Transportation

Angled photo of our Mercedes Sprinter Van

The need for medical transportation can arise at any time. It can be a health emergency or some other kind of need that requires medical transport assistance. One cannot say when they will need crucial medical attention. You may be miles away from the nearest hospital at the time of your need or are unable […]