4 Things to Consider For Coast to Coast Medical Transport Service

When you require a means of getting your loved ones to or from a medical facility, you may want to use the services of a dedicated non emergency transportation company. They are equipped with the type of vehicles and facilities required to move under those circumstances. Not all companies can help with long distance, coast […]

4 Air Medical Service Tips for Flying Elderly Passengers

Elderly people are often too frail to fly. Once you factor in a health issue, the severity of their flight is amplified. However, flying elderly patients should still be very comfortable and convenient if you opt to fly with a professional air medical service company. Transporting senior or elderly patients requires double the care and […]


Only a handful of us ever thinks about medical transportation. Does it ever occur to you to inquire or search for “medical transportation near me”? Probably not, but then again, you should. It is indeed a wise and proactive approach to consider the medical transportation options available to you, even before you even need it. […]

Here’s What You Need to Know About Commercial Medical Escorts

Commercial medical escorts exist for the times when you need quality medical care but can’t access it where you are. They could get you on a plane headed in the direction of your preferred hospital and have trained medical staffs on board with you to attend to your needs while you’re on the journey. This […]

Four Ways to Make Hospice Transport Work Better for Patients

At some point in their lives, our loved ones may have to encounter hospice transport not as a peripheral passenger on a van or ambulance, but as a patient conveyed by one of these vehicles. They will be moved from a location they have called home to a space in which they will live the […]