4 Crucial Questions to Ask for Before Hiring A Local Medical Transportation Company

Medical transportation companies have sprung up in their numbers over the last decade. The demand for certain kinds of non-emergency medical transportation services such as bariatric, wheelchair, long-distance, and patient medical transport services now means that there is a myriad of local medical transportation companies to choose from.

However, when it comes to health, there shouldn’t be a compromise – or at least, one that endangers your safety or wellbeing. So, when next you have to hire a medical transportation company for whatever reason, be sure to pose the following question.

Do they offer door to door service?

Can they pick you right from your doorstep and deliver you directly to the doorstep of your destination? It is essential that you ask this question. It is recommended that you opt for a medical transportation service that offers a door-to-door service unless it is entirely not required by you based on the prevailing circumstances.

Do they have a functional wheelchair and stretcher service?

Can the local medical transportation company pick you or your loved one up with a stretcher or wheelchair right from your doorstep? Do they have a vehicle with a wheelchair and stretcher access? On many occasions, especially when transporting an elderly or a bariatric patient, a wheelchair and stretcher service is essential for both the pick-up and drop-off of the patient.

Do they have a trained medical staff accompanying the patient to their destination?

Depending on the exact kind of medical transport service, the level of medical training of the staff required will vary. A typical non-emergency patient transport service may require a normal patient minder, while a long-distance medical transport service may need the more experienced medical hands of a trained nurse or paramedic. Thus, be sure to inquire about who’s going to be escorting you or your loved one on the trip. Also, ensure that they have the right training, equipment, and experience to handle any potential medical issues on the way.

Can you schedule drop off and pick up services?

Flexibility also comes into play. For patients undergoing dialysis or those on any recovery or medical program that warrants that they show up at the hospital or clinic at specific times of the day or week, and have to be transported after the procedure, this is especially important. Where possible, opt for a local medical transportation service that can conveniently cater to your medical transport schedule and be available to pick up and drop you off as the circumstances necessitate.

This availability and flexibility mean that you don’t have to worry about continuously scheduling medical trips or planning journeys with different medical transport companies every time you require the service.

Lastly, be sure to ask for references and access the local medical transportation company based on reputation and experience, with the former slightly taking priority over the latter. Read up reviews from people who have used the medical transportation service in the past and ask the questions above to come to a rational decision.


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