4 Types of People That Can Use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation is an essential aspect of healthcare services. It’s crucial for safely and conveniently moving patients from one point to another.

Types of Medical Transportation Services?

The Medical transportation Services consist of Emergency Transport Services and the Non-emergency Transport Services. Emergency transport services are used when the patient suffers an injury or health condition requiring immediate medical attention.

On the other hand, Non-emergency transport services are different. They are professional services used to transport patients who have no urgent medical needs.

A comprehensive look at the two different medical transportation services reveals that Non-emergency medical services draw more public interest than Emergency Transport services. 

A recent report published by Pubmed highlights that about one-third of US child trauma patients arrived at the medical facility through Non-emergency Medical Transport (NEMT). Additionally, the NEMT is estimated to grow globally above 6.10% its initial rate from 2020 to 2025.

Who Can Use Non-emergency Medical Transportation?

NEMT services are adequately equipped to handle virtually all non-emergency medical needs that patients may require during transit.

People who are likely to need and use Non-emergency Medical Transportation are:

  1. Discharged and Recovering Patients – Patients who are healing from an illness, a major surgical procedure, or an acute health condition are advised not to board or travel on their own for medical appointments. This recommendation is to prevent further inconveniences that might affect the health condition of the patient. Besides, such patients are still at their lowest-performing level. They might lack the strength to self-drive themselves or take commercial transport, especially if it’s a long trip.
  1. The Elderly – Certain health conditions are more prominent in older adults. Older people suffer reduced cognitive activity, heart disease, and balance issues which drastically affect their overall physical performance. What this means is that adults above the ages of 65years will require regular medical attention. However, due to their underlying health issues, they may have trouble transporting themselves to the hospital. Therefore, elderly patients are urged to take advantage of the Non-emergency medical transport for their regular checkups.
  1. Disabled Patients – Patients who are immobilized, including the bedridden and those confined in a wheelchair, require support. Depending on whether they have a medical appointment with their healthcare provider or are discharged from the medical facility, Non-emergency medical transport can aid their movement.
  1. Long Distance Medical Travel – Non-emergency medical transport is vital for moving patients from state to state or across the country. Patients scheduled for a surgical procedure in a different state, or a patient that needs to be transferred to another medical facility, might require special care during transit. While using the NEMT service, the patient is placed under the supervision of medical personnel such as a nurse. This ensures that the patients stay stable, safe, and comfortable throughout the journey.


Non-emergency medical transportation is ideal for patients that need to move from point A to B and don’t require urgent medical treatment during transit. Patients who can take advantage of the NEMT include older adults, disabled patients, and patients recuperating from an illness.


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