4 ways Non-Emergency Medical Transportation can Improve Quality of Life For Seniors

The elderly and disabled people often have a lower quality of life when compared with the healthy younger population. Hence, they are faced with an increased barrier to healthcare access. A reduced healthcare availability negatively affects the quality of life.

Low healthcare access can be resolved by hiring non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) providers, including veteran-owned medical transport companies. Here are four ways NEMT can improve quality of life.

1. Relieve Stress

Transporting patients with chronic illnesses and elderly persons to and from the hospital is challenging. In addition, increased traffic and parking issues can lead to stress. Your vehicle may not have safety features or room for mobility devices like wheelchairs.

You can sort out these stress factors by using non-emergency medical transportation. Fortunately, NEMT providers ensure that their drivers are trained to give patients a hitch-free ride to the hospital.

2. Promote Safety

Disabled persons are at an increased risk of getting involved in accidents while driving without assistance. They are also in grave danger of worsening their present situation by driving on bad roads.

Organizing non-emergency medical transportation goes a long way in reducing the possibility of accidents when conveying disabled or elderly persons. NEMT providers, especially veteran-owned medical transport companies employ experienced drivers to transport your loved one to and from the medical facility. They also ensure that the vehicle is fully equipped for a medical trip.

Patients with chronic illness do not have business driving without assistance, especially when the vehicle is in a bad condition. Delegating patient’s transportation to the NEMT provider significantly reduces accident risk and increases convenience.

3. Saves Times

Finding your way through an unfamiliar setting is hard. You might run late for a medical appointment or miss it altogether due to the time taken to find a building or a parking space. If these challenges are solved by a NEMT provider like a veteran-owned medical transport company, you may have more time to perform other engagements.

NEMT providers are staffed with experienced drivers who have conversant with driving routes to and from the medical facility. When you allow them to handle the navigation, you gain more time to focus on other areas.

4. Promotes Independence

A patient’s choices are limited by the incapability of driving. There is a certain feeling of missing out on many fun activities, like doing your grocery shopping, having a walk in the park on a sunny day, or going for social gatherings.

NEMT providers, especially veteran-owned medical company ensure that their patients enjoy a high independence level. Patients and their loved ones can organize rides to the medical facilities, social gatherings, and the supermarket.

Consequently, NEMT passengers can have larger control over their social wellbeing, without depending on others. A greater level of independence improves lifestyle significantly.

Final Words

The elderly population and disabled individuals are burdened with a low quality of life in almost every aspect. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) plays a huge role in making their lives better. If you have any loved one at home who has lost a sense of independence, NEMT is always an ideal choice to promote a good quality of life.


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