5 Key Benefits of Air Medical Transport

Since medical helicopters were first used to save lives during the Korean war, air medical transport has continued to be an indispensable addition to the health industry. As a matter of fact, statistics show that over 550,000 people in the US use air medical transport each year.

However, many people still find it difficult to figure out why most people opt for this service, given the cost implications. As such, this article will explain the five major benefits of Air Medical Transport.

1. Improved Clinical Facilities

In contrast to most traditional ambulances, air medical transport often comes with a cabin equipped with facilities like ambiance, pressure, humidity, and other advanced medical facilities that makes it easier to safely transfer a patient while simultaneously providing the patient with a high level of medical care and treatment.

As such, more profound medical attention can be given to patients in measures that traditional ambulances cannot match up with. Air ambulances are also equipped with Basic Life Support (BLS) equipment like a stethoscope, oxygen cylinder, and blood pressure monitor.

2. Reduces Mortality Rate in Cases of Multiple Casualties

In situations where multiple casualties require immediate medical attention, they can be quickly airlifted to the hospital. With its speed and capacity to hold more patients per journey, air ambulances can significantly reduce the mortality rate in large-scale medical emergencies with multiple casualties.

3. Special Itinerary Measures

Certain injuries and health conditions can be easily worsened in transit if proper care is not taken. Air medical transport services have trained specialists who design the whole itinerary safely for a patient with a particular injury or health condition.

This guarantees that the patient’s condition is stable throughout the journey and significantly improves survival chances.

4. Reduced Travel Time

It is common knowledge that health conditions can quickly turn fatal if medical attention is unnecessarily delayed. Traditional ambulances may suffer unintended delays that could worsen the condition of the patient being transported. This can be avoided through air ambulances which rarely suffer delays.

Even with no delays, air medical transport generally travels faster than traditional ambulances, and this can make a lot of difference in medical emergencies.

5. Ability to Access Remote Locations

Another great benefit of air medical transport services is that they can access areas typically impossible for traditional road ambulances. It makes it possible to pick up patients from remote locations that are difficult to access and quickly transfer them to the hospital where they can get helpful medical attention, thereby timely saving lives

Air medical transport has a lot of benefits that make it an excellent choice in many situations. Some of the major benefits have been highlighted in this article. All of them point to the improved ability of air ambulances to save lives. Despite their relatively expensive cost, air ambulances offer speed, reliability, and accessibility—all of which are key to successful medical transportation.


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