5 Kinds of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation is a reliable and on-time transportation service for patients who are not in an emergency condition but need assistance to reach a medical appointment.

There are two kinds of Medical transportation; emergency and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Emergency medical transportation is a medical service for patients who are in urgent need of medical attention. Examples are accident victims, stroke attack victims, asthma attack victims, etc.

On the other hand, non-emergency medical transportation conveys patients who need to be transported to medical facilities for non-emergency reasons. This study highlights that NEMT services are crucial for a healthy community.

A typical NEMT service is equipped with trained drivers, medical technicians, paramedics, medical equipment, etc., within the transport vehicle. This form of medical transportation is affordable, safe, and convenient. There are different kinds of NEMT services. Each is dedicated to servicing various types of patients. Below are five types of NEMT service:

  1. Stretcher medical transportation: This NEMT service is reserved for patients who need to travel with the aid of a stretcher but do not need urgent medical attention. Stretcher medical transport is for patients diagnosed with back problems or those who cannot sit upright.

Stretcher medical transport uses adjustable stretchers so they can access elevators and halls. This type of non-emergency medical transport is suitable for bedridden patients, patients who should not be carrying weight, etc.

  • Wheelchair medical transportation: This NEMT service is for patients constrained to a wheelchair or patients who can’t walk independently. This transport service enables patients to be transported to and from any medical appointment.

Wheelchair medical transportation service uses a van equipped with CPR-trained drivers who knows how to operate the van and the wheelchair lifts.

  • Ambulatory medical transportation: This is a popular means of non-emergency transport that helps patients who need essential medical assistance to travel long distances or meet up with a medical appointment. Ambulatory medical transport services are generally used for long-distance or state-to-state medical transportation. This NEMT service will be accompanied by at least one trained medical personnel.
  • Commercial flight medical transportation: This non-emergency transport-escort service is for patients fit enough to travel by air but still require non-emergency medical care. Patients on a commercial flight medical transportation service are escorted by an onboard nurse who monitors the patient throughout the journey. This medical transportation also ensures that the patient safely reaches their final destination after the plane has landed.
  • Courier medical transportation: This NEMT service transports human blood, organs, and other biological matter to and from research facilities and hospitals. This medical transport service also conveys hospital equipment across hospitals/health institutions.

Courier medical transport vehicles are driven by specialist drivers who ensure that the samples and equipment they are transporting reach their final destination without being tampered with.

Wrapping Up

This article has briefly discussed the five main types of non-emergency medical transportation and those who need them. Research has shown that NEMT services have significantly helped to facilitate prompt and easy access to healthcare globally.


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