5 Medical Transport Options for Seniors

With old age comes many limitations. One of such limitations is the inability to drive. Seniors often find it difficult transporting themselves to key places – more importantly, the hospital. This is because their body is weak and can no longer engage in strenuous activities.

To Visit the lab, pharmacy, or the hospital for an appointment is usually a challenge for seniors who can’t drive. To eliminate this transportation barrier, here are medical transport options seniors can use to access health facilities anytime;

Public Transport

Public transport offers seniors transportation services. It helps them move around cities and regions at ease. For this service, seniors pay a certain fee, either weekly or monthly. The transportation mode covers bus routes, subway, and metro routes. Also, while in transit, seniors can receive assistance on board.

Public Transport is an excellent transportation option for seniors, however, seniors should note some drawbacks of public transport. Most public transports don’t make provisions for seniors on wheelchair and those with a walker. If a senior requires a wheelchair lift, it’s best to contact public transport via their website or phone to ascertain if they offer such services.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

Depending on the health needs of a senior, non-emergency medical transport is often the ideal transport option for them. Seniors with non-critical health issues may need help attending hospital appointments and other health consultations. Also, to keep them comfortable and well looked after before transferring them to the hospital, the services of a NEMT are fundamental.

While onboard the NEMT ambulance, a certified medical staff manages the condition of the seniors using basic medical support till they arrive at the health facility.

Personal Driving Aide

Unlike other transportation options, this is different. Seniors who have their car but can’t drive can hire an aide to assist them. The aide takes responsibility for taking them to and fro medical appointments. But, the drawback to using this transport option is – aides might not be fit to offer medical services while in transit.

Cab or E-hailing services

Seniors with no life-threatening health conditions can use a cab to get to their preferred health facility. Cabs can be a safe and convenient option, although it’s slightly expensive than public transport. Seniors who are fit enough to travel alone on health trips can use this transport system.

However, seniors will receive no medical attention when they use cabs. For seniors that need basic medical attention during their trip to the hospital, especially for long distances, a cab or e-hailing service may not be the most ideal medical transport option.

Non-profit Driving Organizations

There are many local non-profit driving organizations seniors can use to transit to and fro medical appointments. These organizations cater to the elderly who can’t walk. They provide volunteers who drive seniors on medical trips. Most volunteers are properly assessed and trained to manage seniors. 

To use non-profit driving programs, seniors can reach community centers or churches in their area, and make the appropriate inquiries about their mode of operation.


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