5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Long-Distance Ambulance Transport

Long-distance ambulances are specially designed to fulfill the transportation needs of various people, especially the elderly, disabled persons, and others who have non-emergency appointments at medical facilities.

These vehicles are equipped with various safety functionalities that make it convenient for people with special needs to access the best level of care on a medical trip. 

Fortunately, long-distance ambulances can be customized depending on patients’ needs and medical conditions. Below are some of the reasons why you should request a long-distance trip from a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) firm:

1. Safety

Most times, NEMT providers ask clients to provide details about their medical conditions and the reason for embarking on the medical trip. Before the commencement of the journey, the NEMT escorts ensure that the long-distance ambulance is well-equipped to serve the patient’s medical needs.

An employee who has undergone specialized training in emergency first aid will be aboard the vehicle if any medical emergency arises during the journey. The ambulance should also be equipped with basic life support equipment to keep the patient’s condition stable during an emergency.

2. Convenience

NEMT firms value the comfort and convenience of their clients during long-distance medical trips. Hence, the patient’s cabin in a long-distance ambulance is constructed so that the patient’s comfort is paramount.

A professional NEMT firm ensures that the vehicle can easily accommodate the wheelchair and stretchers. Elderly and disabled persons are welcome to use this service when traveling long distances.

3. Availability

Majority of the NEMT firms available today offer their services 24/7. As such, patients can request a long-distance ride at any time of the day. However, booking a ride in advance is advisable to give the NEMT provider more time to prepare for your trip.

Furthermore, clients are encouraged to provide details about their medical conditions, as they will be kept confidential. Relationship with customers is always top-notch, as the customer service personnel are approachable and willing to help.

4. Emergencies

A long-distance trip to the hospital can be hectic and take a toll on the patient. Most of these clients have chronic conditions and are prone to need emergencies, albeit a slight chance. Fortunately, NEMT firms train their employees to provide basic emergency care when the need arises. Hence, you are assured that your loved one is accompanied by a competent professional.

5. Maintain a certain level of independence for the patients

Usually, patients are frustrated when they lose their sense of independence. They may become depressed following a continued reliance on a loved one or caregiver. However, NEMT firms create an avenue for these patients to book their trips without help from any individual. Also, they ensure that these clients are allowed to perform certain tasks under safe conditions during a long-distance trip.

Bottom Line

Requesting for a long-distance ambulance can be valuable to your wellbeing as NEMT firms ensure patients are less reliant on their loved ones for transportation needs. Also, the safety and convenience attributed to NEMT firms and the ability of the employees to manage emergencies are key reasons to choose non-emergency medical transport over any other means of long-distance medical transportation.


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