5 Things to Consider Before Choosing A Bariatric Ground Transport

If you have ever sought to move or transport an extremely heavy or bulky package yourself, you must have realized how stressful the whole process was. Loading it on the vehicle, preparing it for transit, and then off-loading it at your destination again. The same is exactly right, but even trickier and requires more care when moving a bariatric patient.

For obvious reasons, public transport would not only be inconvenient but in most cases are impractical since they would always drop you some distance off your actual destination. When it comes to safely, conveniently, and quickly moving obese patients – especially for medical-related reasons – a bariatric ground transport service is your best bet. Such services specialize in transporting obese patients from one point to another.

However, there is a lack of information regarding bariatric transportation, so most people aren’t aware of what questions to ask or what to look out for when looking to hire a bariatric service for either themselves or their loved ones.

Below are five crucial things to consider before you opt for a bariatric ground transport service.

1. Is Door-To-Door Service Available?

In essence, can they pick you or the bariatric patient right at your doorstep to your exact destination? Generally, the stress of having to meet up with the transport company at a chosen destination outweighs the entire benefit of the service, especially in non-emergency cases. So, be sure that the Bariatric service provider can have their vehicle stationed right at your doorstep ready to transport you or the patient.

2. Are The Company Vehicles Customized for Bariatric Transportation?

Not every type of vehicle is safe and recommended for bariatric transportation. Inquire if the car has a particular loading or ramp system, is it big enough to safely accommodate an obese person and still have ample space to fit in a few persons and other medical equipment? The right kind of vehicle is crucial to the safe and comfortable transportation of a bariatric patient.

3. What Are the Conditions of The Wheelchairs and Stretchers?

In some cases, a wheelchair may be required to move the bariatric patient across short distances before being transferred to the vehicle. Are these wheelchairs rated extra duty? In some cases, these wheelchairs may be mechanical to facilitate the smooth movement of the patient. Nonetheless, verify that the wheelchairs have been specially designed to carry bariatric patients. The same goes for the stretchers too; they should be sufficiently padded and big enough.

4. Personnel Training and Competency

Are personnel that has been specially trained to handle bariatric patients going to accompany the person to be transported? Bariatric patients may require extra care and medical attention throughout the ride; thus, they must be accompanied by a staff that has been specially trained to look after obese or overweight patients.

5. Ensure That You Settle for An Actual Bariatric Ground Transport Service Company

Do not fall for the misconception that by default, every medical transport service company offers a Bariatric ground transport service. Bariatric transportation can only be professionally and safely done by a standard bariatric transport company that has the right tools, vehicles, and personnel to transport such patients safely. Thus, ensure that you only hire a proper and registered bariatric road transport service company to convey you or your loved one.


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