5 Types of Medical Transport Services

There are quite many medical transport services patients, their families, and other users can count on, such as emergency ambulatory transportation and other medical transportation services. Knowing the correct type of transportation for your needs will help you save your money and arrive safely at your destination and on time.

This article presents some of the common medical transportation available.

Ambulatory Transportation

In the case of emergencies, one of your best bets to get to the hospital on time is ambulance transportation. For example, if you have an accident and can’t go to the hospital yourself or you have a severe lack of mobility, an ambulance can help take you to a hospital for medical attention.

Ambulances rank as one of the most expensive forms of transportation, so many patients are advised to use one during genuine emergencies. Other costs associated with ambulances also mean you’ll have to pay more, especially where it involves life and death situations.

Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation or NEMT is a transportation service offered to patients who need more care and support at a reasonable cost than emergency ambulance transportation.

In line with that, the service caters to patients in wheelchairs, bed-ridden, bariatric patients, patients with special health or safety concerns, etc. Like ambulatory transports, NEMT’s operate at different service levels and use several drivers depending on a patient’s needs and unique circumstances.

Wheelchair Transportation

Some patients are restricted to a wheelchair or have difficulties walking independently. As a result, they require the extra assistance that a wheelchair affords. Also, patients may be moved from their wheelchair into a vehicle seat, or they may opt to remain comfortable in their seated position. Either way, a vehicle for such purposes must have the appropriate gears, restraints, and hooks that secure the chair in the vehicle. That way, it’s always stable at all times.


Stretches form part of medical transport services and are typically reserved for bed-ridden patients that cannot move into a sitting position. There are many instances where a patient would have to be confined to a stretcher for transportation, including accidents and complicated procedures. In some cases, NEMT’s can take on stretcher patients, but stretchers help get patients out of their residence and into their appointment.

Long Distance NEMT

Some procedures and forms of medical attention can wait. That’s where Long-distance NEMT comes in and may vary based on the company you book a ride with. This type of transportation is often recommended for patients that need to travel more than 50 miles from their starting position.

It’s the perfect medical transport service to engage when you have to go on a trip to a neighboring city or even across states.

Wrapping Up

The health and safety of you or your loved one are not to be toyed with, and the ideal medical transport helps you get the best care. Watch out for service providers that offer a list of comprehensive transport services that cater to your needs right from starting position, health condition, and to your destination.


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