6 Popular Reasons For Medical Transportation

Every day, we meet clients that are just learning about medical transportation for the first time or those with only a vague understanding of what it actually is. Most people only get to learn of it when they need to transport a parent, grandparent, or loved one. A good majority do not entirely understand it and have only a sketchy idea of how to arrange for one. Likewise, there is a slight confusion as to what services medical transportation covers and in what instances it is ideal.

Listed below are six popular reasons out of a possible many, where patients and families may require the expertise of a medical transportation service provider.

  1. Doctor’s Appointment
    This is easily the most common use of most medical transport services. This is true especially for bedridden, disabled, aged or severely frail and sick individuals. Trips to the doctor or clinic for appointments, checks, and routine tests are popular reasons for the visit.
  2. Dialysis
    Most patients that get diagnosed with a chronic kidney problem or a total failure may often require dialysis several times a week. Most dialysis procedures may last for three to five hours. Thus, to ensure that such patients can make it to and from their dialysis appointments, a form of medical transport may be required.
  3. Family Visits
    During family visits for festivities, celebrations, or other important occasions, a medical transport service is usually the preferred choice to help convey senior citizens in a facility or patients that require a form of medical supervision while en-route. In some instances the van may wait out the entire occasion and return the person to base, or a drop and pick up can be arranged separately.
  4. Long-Distance Travel
    This can range from visiting a health facility in the next state or a cross country journey. Patients that need to be transferred to a different medical facility in another part of the country; and for some reason may not be able to fly or take any other mode of transport often settle for a long-distance medical transportation service. Also, this service offers a level of care and supervision for the patient, with the inclusion of medical staff and essential medical life support equipment.
  5. Routine Trips
    Visits to the pharmacy, health center, or rehabilitation and wellness center are all popular reasons for medical transport. Some people are placed on a prearranged weekly schedule while some may book this service based on need.
  6. Post-surgery Visits/Checks
    Usually, after major surgery, most patients will require constant supervision/visits to the hospital for several weeks or months after the procedure. Families often resort to medical transport services to help convey the patient to and from their appointment and post-surgery procedures at the hospital.

It is crucial to add that Medicare may not cover every form of medical transportation, and so it is worth keeping in mind when ordering the service.

Although, appointments to book a medical transport service may be made instantly, however, it is advised that the service is requested at least 24 hours in advance. Similarly, depending on the circumstances, distance, and level of care needed, the actual pricing for medical transport services is subject to numerous factors.


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