6 Qualities Of A Good Medical Transportation Company

Medical transportation entails more than any other regular transportation business. Unlike the transportation of cargo, moving people is a lot more complex; the safety of the patient, their convenience, and the administering of necessary medical care while in transit. On a long haul medical transport service, the importance of these factors cannot be overemphasized.

Safety, convenience, and punctuality are often critical for any medical transport company. Below are six other essential qualities that every good medical transport company should possess;

Continuous Staff Training

Medical transport companies rely heavily on the experience of their staff to safely and conveniently transport patients. This experience comes from regular training and advancement on the job. Thus, midwest medical transport companies ensure that their staff is continuously trained. This training includes regularly sending staff on both new and refresher courses to guarantee that the medical team and staff remain trained and skilled at a variety of safety and therapeutic techniques.

Proper Transfer and Lifting Technique

Proper lifting is an essential skill in medical transportation. EMTs and the patient must both be made aware of improper or inadequate lifting techniques. EMTs must be trained on proper lifting techniques to ensure that they or the patients are not hurt during any lifting operation.

Routine Fleet Maintenance

The transport vehicle is the lifeblood of any medical transportation company. Without it, they can neither pick up nor drop off patients. Therefore, they must always be in excellent working condition. A unique way to ensure that medical transport vehicles are in great shape is to schedule routine maintenance. Nobody wants to be left stranded owing to a faulty car, much less a medical transport vehicle.

Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking System

A comprehensive tracking system will allow for real-time vehicle location, travel monitoring, prior traffic warning, and alerting dispatch of any blind spots on their route. This system eliminates any ‘grey areas’ and holds the divers to a higher level of accountability.

Maintain Communication With The Target Destination

Specialty care ambulance services must keep an open line of communication with the target hospital or clinic. Although the level of need for communication will often depend on prevailing circumstances. In some instances, the medical transport team must maintain a certain level of contact with the target hospital before departure and during transit.

Flexible Scheduling

Some patients require frequent visits to and from the hospital, such as those on dialysis or the elderly. Midwest medical transport services are offered with flexible medical transport bookings to patients to enable them to prearrange their appointment or booking times. This way, patients do not have to always arrange for medical transportation every time they have to visit the hospital or clinic, especially for routine visits.

Picking the right medical transport service is not often as easy as getting a cab ride. There are usually several factors to take into consideration. If you require the services of a reliable medical transportation service, be sure to take those six mentioned factors into account before making a decision.


ACC Medlink Fleet Fully Equipped With Power Lift Pro Systems

When choosing a medical transport service provider, you must ensure to choose one that not only focuses on getting you to your destination, but also prioritizes using the safest, most conducive, and most efficient sets of vehicle fleets and equipment to do the job.


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ACC Medlink appeared on the TLC television network reality show “1000 LB Sisters” to transport one of the cast members from Ohio to a doctor in Kentucky. Filmed in late 2022, ACC Medlink, four of its employees and the journey they took with Tammy Slaton were featured in episode 6 of season 4, which originally aired on February 21, 2023.


New Fleet of Elite Medical Transport Vehicles

ACC Medlink is proud to announce the addition of a new line of elite medical sprinter vans to our long distance medical transport fleet. This addition will allow ACC Medlink to continue to provide superior service and outstanding care for those in need of medical transport out of state...