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Advanced Technology Onboard

GPS & HD Cameras


At ACC Medlink we are committed to safety for our patients and we are committed to bringing innovative technology solutions into our fleet. Our fleet is equipped with technology driven solutions that will bring piece of mind to patients and loved ones. Our transport vehicles are equipped with GEOTAB and we recently added High Definition Dash Cameras.
Our transport-vehicle technology solution GEOTAB allows us to monitor our fleet vehicles in real time and gives us up-to-date maintenance management. The software also allows us to optimize and adjust routes in real time. Connecting to our internal trip-board this solution gives us the ability to monitor the in route trips and gives us the ability to give patients accurate arrival times.

Dash Cams


Our DashCam technology solution gives us high-definition video monitoring not only externally of the vehicle but also internally with a camera monitoring our drivers and crew. The dash cameras are hard wired to our vehicle electrical system so they cannot be tampered with or unplugged and they turn on when the vehicle starts providing us start to finish transport monitoring. The cameras that we installed include infrared light give us effective monitoring during evening and night transports! The internal G-sensor or accelerometer gives us the ability to monitor our fleet vehicles for changes in speed or sudden changes in vehicle direction. G-sensors, or G-shock sensors, measure the movement of your vehicle through 3 axis; up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards. Our cameras will use their G-sensors to detect significant or sudden movement and automatically lock the video file being produced at the time, meaning that any significant footage is saved.

The client software with these cameras allows us to create reports for management review and incident retrieval records. The View-I software allows us to configure the cameras for optimal recording options and integrates with google maps for a map view. Our fleet vehicles offer adjustable lighting, TV, DVD players and WIFI.

ACC Medlink is committed to continue bringing innovative technology to our fleet vehicles bringing piece of mind for the patients transport.ACC Medlink is a long distance medical escort company that offers affordable patient transfer services along with air ambulance options. The special situations and unique accommodations provided by ACC Medlink when medical travel is a requirement make the company a preferred choice.

The company provides around the clock service to every city and state in the nation. ACC earned Better Business Bureau accreditation. The company is fully insured and licensed. It is a premier medical transportation service. ACC Medlink revolutionizes non-emergency medical transport by its use of equipment and the most cost-effective transport services. Choose The Best. Choose ACC Medlink.