Air Ambulance Cost: Top 5 Factors to Consider

Some medical conditions necessitate the need to quickly transfer a patient from their home to the hospital or from one hospital to another. That’s where an air ambulance aircraft comes into play with patients flown to their destination under medical supervision, either seated or lying down, depending on their health condition. Cost is worth considering if you want to use this service.

What are the air ambulance costs involved when moving a patient?

That question is often asked, but the fact is that there is no single or general answer to this question because cost often depends on several factors. A few of them are outlined here.

  1. The Flight Route

The route taken has a large role in the cost of air ambulances. This involves the distance between the departure point and the destination in question. In some instances, the price will not rise directly in line with the distance flown but will depend on the calculations of the service provider. However, it’s only normal to envisage more costs when the distance involved covers many miles.

  1. Emergencies

More costs are often involved if you want an air ambulance at short notice or during emergencies. Also, with almost all ambulance aircraft permanently in use, their availability must be considered when booking, especially with different approach routes and each case.

Aircrafts located near a departure point will have lower costs than those far away. However, planning is a genuine cost-effective move, even though last-minute flights are possible at all times with proven service providers.

  1. The Patient’s Condition

The condition of the patient also influences the air ambulance cost. Different medical staff and equipment must be selected according to the patient’s condition. Besides, the diagnosis may need a flight at sea level so that the cabin pressure is equal to the air pressure on the ground. That increases the duration of the flight and the price of transporting the patient.

  1. The Ground Transportation

Whether in an emergency or not, making preparations for appropriate ground transports is important. Air flights won’t go directly to the hospital. There’s a journey to be made from the hospital to the airport and back. As a result, even the cost of an ambulance vehicle has to be considered. If the patient is staying in a spot far away from the hospital, long ambulance journeys may be necessary, which will affect the total cost.

  1. Accompanying Persons

Another fact that may affect air ambulance costs is the number of close friends and family around you or your loved one. Some service providers don’t charge for one individual to accompany patients, but more than that figure may see you get charged extra. Others wouldn’t mind having several persons in an ambulance flight, especially if the situation and health condition so demands.

Bottom Line When you come across service providers that offer genuine services, these factors may come into play. Also, your insurance coverage can help you pay for ambulance flights. Whatever the case, your health is important, and you’ll no doubt find a service that fits your budget.


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