Air Ambulance Cost

Diseases that have gone a long time without appropriate medical attention tend to degenerate into threatening health conditions, which can take the affected individual by surprise. Although regular check-ups are helpful, and we stick to specific health guidelines to lead a healthy lifestyle, we may not actually dictate the time of an emergency. Peculiar situations such as having a heart attack, an accident, or even a stroke may leave the patient with few options of getting medical help. In such a trying moment, hiring an air ambulance usually suffices as an immediate approach to get the patient to the nearest medical facility for proper treatment.

It’s interesting to note that an air ambulance, also called “Medevac” is a mini-medical facility, as it features some first aid kits to keep the patient alive until appropriate medical help arrives. While this is commendable, there is a concern about air ambulance costs, especially when the patient isn’t covered by insurance.

What is an Air Ambulance?

Also known as Medevac or medical air transport, an air ambulance is a means of air transportation, such as a helicopter or an airplane, which is used to convey a patient usually in a critical condition like a stroke or heart disease to a medical facility. An air ambulance is typically used when a land-based ambulance is not forthcoming or may take a while before getting to the scene.

How much does it Cost?

The cost of an air ambulance could dip a hole in the patients’ pocket, but considering the severity of the condition, the doctor or emergency personnel may decide to use the service to facilitate the immediate arrival of the patient to the nearest medical facility. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the average cost of an air ambulance is between $12,000 and $25,000.

Factors to Consider

While the patient may not prefer the use of an air ambulance, considering the cost, the doctor or first responders may opt for it to save a life. Although the biggest fear of choosing an air ambulance is the high cost, certain factors also play a role in the price of using these services. Some of these are:

• The type of aircraft (airplane, propeller plane, helicopter, jet)
• The distance between the patient’s location and the nearest medical facility
• The cost of jet fuel
• The number of medical staff aboard the ambulance

The Role of Health Insurance Policy

As a rule of thumb, individuals are encouraged to maintain an available medical insurance policy, in anticipation of precarious health conditions, such as one that might warrant the use of an air ambulance. It’s worth noting that your health insurance policy has a role to play in the cost of using an air ambulance.

You should, as a matter of urgency, find out the health insurance policy from your insurance provider. Although some insurers could pay what they consider the cost of using the service, the remainder of the bill is left for the patient to settle. While Medicaid may cover some of the costs, Medicare may leave the bills to the patient. Therefore, ensure that you verify the policies from your health insurer beforehand.


Emergency health cases demand immediate help, and using an air ambulance could suffice in salvaging the situation. However, to cut down on air ambulance costs, you need to find out the policies from your insurer to know what you’re getting into. The highlighted factors that lead to the accumulation of fees would also help you make an informed decision regarding the cost of an ambulance service.


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