All You Need to Know About Bariatric Transport Services

What is Bariatric Transport?

Bariatric Transport is a branch of non-emergency medical transportation that caters to the medical transportation or evacuation of obese or overweight patients. A person is said to be obese if they have a body mass index of 30 or if they generally weigh more than 400 pounds.

Bariatric transportation involves the short or long-distance transportation of overweight patients – commonly in non-emergency situations. This transport service will often incorporate special tools, staff, and equipment to ensure the safety, convenience, and health of the patient before and during transit.

Who Is A Bariatric Transport Service For?

Generally, an overweight personespecially those who have reduced mobility due to their weight, will require a Bariatric Transport service if they have to be moved or evacuated on medical or non-emergency grounds.

Handling an overweight patient requires delicate care and professionalism. Bariatric transport is a dedicated medical transport service equipped with specially trained staff and dedicated loading and unloading equipment and other special tools.

3 Ways A Bariatric Transport Service is Different from A Normal Medical Transport Service

Refitted/Different Vehicle

A Bariatric medical vehicle differs from a typical medical transport vehicle. To begin with, they would have to be refitted, or in some cases, be much more significant to accommodate the size of the patient. An ample state is crucial to ensure that the vehicle has enough room for at least two other people apart from the patient. Also, since the vehicle would have to carry special equipment, it would need to be modified to accommodate specialized equipment and tools.

Special Equipment

As earlier mentioned, a bariatric service will involve the use of a variety of specialized medical tools and equipment, including a heavy-duty stretcher, loading and unloading ramp, extra-large, and motorized wheelchairs with modified cushioning and tire systems, amongst others.

Specially Trained Staff

Corpulent patients require extra care and handling requirements. Thus, the need for more specialized and trained staff. Medical staff accompanying a bariatric vehicle would need to be trained in a variety of medical scenarios/procedures and also the use of various specialized equipment and tools.

When is Bariatric Transport Appropriate?

Long Distance Transportation

Bariatric transport is ideal for the long-distance transportation of obese patients. When an overweight person has to be moved a considerable distance, a specially refitted bariatric vehicle and trained staff is a must.

Non-Emergency Cases

A bariatric transport service can help to regularly transport patients to and from the hospital or a medical facility. This will enable the patient to also keep up with their doctor’s appointments and routine checkups.

Bed to Bed Transportation

In Bed to Bed transportation, the patient is lifted directly from their bedside onto a stretcher before being moved to the vehicle. Bed to Bed transportation ensures that the patient experiences only minimal inconvenience and discomfort during the entire moving process.

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