Did You Know? You Can Order Medical Transportation in Advance for Non-Medical Issues

When we think of ambulances, we think of emergencies and life-threatening situations. But did you know that there are some cases in which you can schedule ambulance services in advance for non-medical issues. This is something that many future patients don’t know about because they aren’t certain about what services their insurance will cover. If you know that you need help getting to the hospital for issues related to your health, know that it doesn’t have to be in an emergency setting. Read on to learn the basics for ordering your medical transportation to the hospital in advance. It doesn’t have to be an emergency.

Tip #1: Are You on Medicaid?

The first thing to know when deciding whether to order medical transport to the hospital in advance is to consider whether you are on a Medicaid. If you are on Medicaid or are Medicaid eligible, then you can not only get ambulance service during an emergency but you can get a ride to the doctor’s office or to the hospital for a non-emergency situation. In addition, Medicaid can assist you if you do not have a car or a valid driver’s license.

Tip #2: Check Your State’s Rules

If you are on Medicaid, then you’ll need to check your state’s laws to see exactly what your service provider will allow. That’s because different states have different services under what is covered. You shouldn’t assume that your Medicaid coverage in your state is the same as your friend’s who lives in another state. Read the fine print and make sure you know the rules of coverage before you schedule medical transport to the doctor’s office or to the hospital for a non-medical situation. If transport from the hospital or doctor’s office provider is not available, then you may be able to order a taxi or driver to get you to your appointment. Again, Medicaid has different rules in different states.

Tip #3: Keep in Mind Your Time

If your driver has to wait for you during your doctor’s appointment or hospital visit, then please take note that Medicaid may not pay for this wait time. This is something to consider in your budget, as you weigh your options. Also, please know that if you make your driver wait a longer time than expected or if you miss your appointments and don’t show up for your driver, then Medicaid may restrict the number of times you can request this important service to many immobile patients.

Bonus Tip:

Once you have verified that your insurance will cover your non-emergency medical transport and you know the options you have for reaching your appointment, go ahead and schedule your pick-up time. Have a rough schedule for when your driver needs to return to pick you up. Or, be prepared to wait for a new driver or to pay your current driver the amount it takes to wait through the appointment. This isn’t ideal, but it may be the case if you need a reliable, on-time driver. Also, make sure you don’t make the mistake of trying to schedule non-medical transport without knowing the full details of your insurance coverage. You don’t want to have to face a huge bill from your insurance company. An ambulance transport can cost you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. With just a little planning, you’ll be on your way to getting the transport you need in the time you need it. Just plan well and know your coverage!

In conclusion, remember this guide when trying to decide whether you should arrive to the hospital in an ambulance. This is a great service to many people who do not have access to a car or driver’s license. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and you deserve to have access to your doctors. By knowing a few details about the pricing for this service and what your insurance covers, you’ll be able to better decide whether this is an option for you. There are several situations in which you can order medical transport in advance without there being an emergency.


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