Ever-Aging American Population Needs More Long Distance Medical Transportation

The most recent US Census Statistics report that there are more than forty million Americans who are over the age of 65. This is a huge increase from the numbers reported a century ago. It is expected that this number will do nothing but go up as the “baby boomer” portion of the population turns 65. The first “boomer” reached this landmark in 2011. More than 75 million people will reach the same landmark by the year 2030. These statistics are significant for several reasons.

The Cost of an Aging Population

Occurring in concert with the number of people achieving the age of 65 is a substantial gain in life expectancy. It may be due to the increased access to medical care, or perhaps to better medical care in general, but people are living longer than ever before. Simultaneously, there is a notable decrease in the number of live births. By the third decade of this century, it will take three people working to support one senior citizen, as per current healthcare costs. When you consider that the health of most persons tends to decline with age, this is a serious concern.

The Need to Get Seniors Where They Need to Go

It is clear that senior citizens are becoming an ever larger proportion of the overall population. Their needs, particularly as regard medical care and transportation, are significant. They are likely to consume a growing amount of available resources. This is a concern not only to seniors, but also to their families, to healthcare providers, and, of course, to the government. In particular, the need for state to state medical transport as well as long distance medical transport, which requires skilled care, is of concern.

Seniors Need to Be with Their Families

Although families in the 21st century are frequently fragmented in terms of distance, they generally remain emotionally close. It is important, as seniors age, that they be near those who are willing to provide them the increased care they require. There is a point at which it is desired, if not necessary, for a senior to be near his or her family members. Whether the need is for Long Distance Medical Transportation due to specialized medical needs or simply state to state patient transport for the elderly, it is important that families be reunited at the point when they will benefit from being in proximity to one another.

The Emphasis Should Be on “Skilled” Transportation

When discussing state to state elderly transport, the word “skilled” is often mentioned. This is because it is the need for oxygen, a feeding tube, or a ventilator that frequently makes the transportation of an individual difficult and unachievable by normal means. Long Distance Medical Transportation is an important field of commerce that will grow over the coming years as more people age and need their services. Without personnel willing to provide the care and accommodation necessary to the transport of the infirm and disabled, it would be impossible to get people where they need to go while simultaneously providing for their medical needs.

We no longer live in an era where people live, raise families, and pass away within a single community. Today, people get their education states away from home, are recruited by companies from around the globe, and end up living thousands of miles from where they were born. Because of cell phones, the Internet, and frequent flyer miles, families are able to manage to remain close in terms of emotions, if not proximity. However, the vast number of aging Americans in need of end of life care is a clear indicator that the demand for skilled, long-distance transportation will do nothing but increase.


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