Everything You Should Know About Long-Distance Medical Transport

Patients recovering from sickness are usually required to visit the hospital often for medical examinations. In situations where these patients live some distance away from the hospital – long-distance medical transport is used to convey them. This medical transport system saves them the stress of transporting themselves to the facility, which might affect their recuperating body.

What is Long Distance Medical Transport?

According to a statistical insight revealed by RandDotOrg, about 3.6 million people miss out on their medical appointments because of transportation problems. However, long-distance medical transport solves this problem.

Long-distance medical transport is a type of medical transport used in non-emergency situations. Patients who have uncritical health conditions can use the transport system to access a health facility, any time. 

What are the Types of Long Distance Medical Transport? 

There are broadly two main types of long-distance medical transport people can avail to transfer themselves or a loved one to the hospital;

  1. Air Ambulance Transport – With an air ambulance, patients can book a flight for their medical travel. Meanwhile, this transport system offers patients access to advance medical equipment. In addition, certified medical staff such as a nurse manage the patients throughout their journey. However, it’s important to note that the cost of using an air ambulance might be slightly expensive when compared to other transportation options.
  2. Ground-Based Transport – This type of long-distance medical transport involves transferring patients to the hospital using a vehicle. But it’s recommended only when the distance between the patient’s location and that of the health facility is less than 200miles. 

When to Use Long Distance Medical Transport? 

Long Distance Medical Transport isn’t ideal in all situations. It’s suitable when;

  • The health condition of the patient is not critical. Patients whose health conditions are critical cannot use long-distance medical transport. This is because the journey to a health facility is usually time-consuming, and they risk losing their lives before arriving at their destination
  • The patient’s preferred hospital is situated across the country. For example, patients who have gone through a medical procedure in a different state can use long distance medical transport, preferably an air ambulance for their medical appointments

Who Should Use Long Distance Medical Transport?

  • Immobile Patients – Patients who have lost their mobility or are too weak to walk can avail themselves of long-distance transport to and fro the hospital. Patients in this category include the elderly, the paralyzed, and people who lost their limbs to an acute disease.
  • Patients on Vacation/Recuperation – Patients in their healing stages can use long-distance medical transport for vacations as this allows them to receive medical care without restraints. 

Benefits of Long-Distance Medical Transport

  • This medical transport system offers safety and convenience. It also allows patients to go with any family member they choose to spend time with.
  • Patients have access to Professional Medicare Care. Long-distance medical transport usually offers patients basic medical services such as vital sign examination, heartbeat monitoring, etc. Highly skilled medical specialists manage these services.

Final Words

Long-distance medical transport has helped eliminate transportation barrier that limits patients from accessing medical services at their convenience. Patients can now schedule medical appointments with their preferred hospital without having to worry about the distance.

Whether they are visiting a hospital or leaving the facility after discharge to their homes—long-distance medical transport provides the convenience, reliability, and safety needed to get them to their destination.


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