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Factors affecting Air Ambulance cost

Air ambulances seem rather expensive and may not be covered by the insurance offered by most service providers. However, there are still low-cost air ambulances that are affordable and reliable for medical air transport. The following are factors that determine the cost of air ambulances.

  1. Distance to be covered by the air ambulance

The distance to be covered is taken into consideration when calculating the cost of an air ambulance. The fuel exhausted is greater for long distances. Also, the medical team wages are included before the overall cost is generated. This is because they are usually paid on an hourly basis. Sometimes, the aircraft might be farther from the pickup location. This is also considered when estimating the fuel usage for the journey.

Some patients prefer travelling to their home country for medical treatment than the nearest medical institution. Long-distance air travel of this kind requires skilled healthcare professionals and specialized equipment since a medical emergency may arise on board the plane. Consequently, the price will be slated at a higher value due to these additional requirements.

  • Medical staff accompanying the patient and the type of equipment in the aircraft

The cost of an air ambulance also depends on the number of medical personnel escorting the patient. Similarly, some medical air travel requires a specialist healthcare practitioner to accompany the patient.

In such circumstances, the cost is increased. The same price increase also applies when some special medical equipment is installed in the aircraft.

  • The type of aircraft used

The type of aircraft used is determined by the number of medical professionals accompanying the patient and the medical equipment that would cater to the patient’s needs. Keeping this in mind, the price of medical air transport varies depending on the type of aircraft used. Low-cost air ambulances are usually fixed propeller aircraft.

  • The form of services offered

Air ambulance companies offer various services depending on the patient’s need. Some patients might need ground transportation or bed-to-bed services. Before patronizing a firm offering air ambulance services, you should inquire whether the desired services are included in the contract.

Likewise, you should also ask if the services could be tailored to meet your needs, especially when the services are not exactly as you want them. Additionally, the type of extra services offered would also determine the air ambulance service charges.


The cost of an air ambulance depends on the distance to be covered, the type of aircraft used, the regulations and procedures, the services offered, the number of medical professionals escorting the patient, and the medical equipment onboard the aircraft. Although these factors can directly affect an air ambulance’s price, there are still several low-cost air ambulance options, depending mainly on need, function, and preference.