How Convenient Are Trips with an Air Medical Escort?

Emergencies aren’t the only times that patients have to be flown on an aircraft. Sometimes more stable patients will need to be airlifted from a current location. If they are physically incapacitated or suffer from a condition that requires close medical attention throughout an air trip, they will have to use the services of an air medical escort.

Medical escorts are a non-emergency alternative to ambulance services. They may be called upon when a patient needs to be transported from a hospital to the home of a loved one or moved to a healthcare facility for medical treatment. This service may be offered via an established commercial airline, or by a medical escort company.

How Comfortable Can Trips with Air Medical Escorts Be?

The degree of comfort that patients can enjoy on trips with medical escorts will depend on these factors:

1. The Escort Staff

The staff of an escort service typically consists of nurses and physicians who are trained to deal with medical emergencies. Experienced staff members will also know how to interact with patients as the situation demands, and what kind of care needs to be given in each case.

With the right combination of medical expertise and human relational skills, escort services staff can make air trips convenient for patients they are helping to airlift.

2. Pre-Flight Arrangements

It’s ideal for arrangements to be prepared for an immediate pickup from the landing point before the flight happens. This will ensure seamless movement from the patient’s current location to their destination.

Escorts may also need information about the patient’s medical condition to be provided before the trip. With the details they receive, they can plan for equipment and supplies they should have on board.

3. Duration of the Journey

Medical escort services are suitable for all journey lengths. If the distance takes a shorter time to travel, the chances of post-flight stress and jet lag occurring are lower. If it’s a long journey, the escorts should have a stretcher on which their patients can lay down when sitting is less comfortable.

Shorter distances are more convenient to travel, and other things are held constant. Whatever the duration of the flight, the escort team should work to make it less stressful for persons under their care.

4. Availability of Drugs and Equipment

As trained medics, escort service providers are capable of administering medical treatment if this is needed. They will usually have the necessary medication on board for this. The equipment they should have onboard include visual signs monitors, oxygen contractors, syringe pumps, respirators, and incubators. These would usually suffice for taking care of health concerns that arise during a flight.

5. The Aircraft’s Interior

The confined spaces of an aircraft may be difficult to navigate, especially when several people are occupying an enclosed segment. But with the right kind of interior arrangement, appreciable levels of comfort can be achieved.

Claustrophobia may be a concern for some patients. Escorts will be better prepared for this if they are informed of this beforehand.


The quality of a patient’s experience on their medical air trips may be determined by their escorts’ healthcare expertise and human relational skills. An excellent air medical escort service combines these factors to deliver the most comfortable journey possible for patients.


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