How Long Distance Medical Transport Companies Prepare For Emergency Situations

People are often scared to leave their loved ones in the care of a stranger. In reality, you know nothing about the employees in non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) firms. However, they are often vetted through a lengthy interview process to determine if they have credible and trustworthy personalities to care for an individual.

There is always the fear of emergencies arising during long-distance transport. Will a loved one be comfortable while traveling? What if an emergency occurs on the way? Is the available staff competent enough to handle emergencies? Fortunately, NEMT firms put these pertinent questions into consideration before embarking on a trip to the hospital.

There is no point worrying over the competency of our employees. Below are some features that are attributed to NEMT firms, indicating their preparedness to handle emergencies.

Availability of Emergency Medical Devices and Kits

NEMT firms are known for equipping their vehicles with kits and devices necessary to stabilize the patient before getting to a medical emergency room. These medical devices are often inspected from time to time to ensure that they are in top-notch condition at all times. 

Before taking a long-distance transport to the hospital, the devices and kits are checked to avoid excuses, especially when a medical emergency arises. In some cases, the patient may be unable to breathe unassisted. The employees accompanying the patient must ensure that there is an availability of a mechanical ventilator. If possible, a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine to ensure the patient is not caught unawares with breathing difficulties.

The choice concerning whether to have emergency devices and kits on the NEMT vehicle does not exist. The NEMT firm must ensure that the patients can safely reach the hospitals by extending the window of opportunity to receive proper medical care. Without medical devices and emergency kits available, NEMT employees may experience difficulties improving the stability of the patient before getting to the hospital.

Trained Personnel Onboard to Accompany Patients to the Hospital

The employees involved in the trip must have received training in basic emergency care, especially procedures like CPR. What is the point of having state-of-the-art medical devices for stabilizing the patient without having a staff to manage and use them? It will be an utter waste of resources equipping the NEMT vehicles with essential medical devices without a trained staff available.

As organizations that care deeply about the safety of the patients, NEMT employees are aware that every second counts in critical medical situations. Although the occurrence of emergencies in long-distance transport is not as common as you might envisage, NEMT firms have prepared their employees to handle such cases when it happens.

Bottom Line

NEMT companies often put the safety of their passengers first. They are prepared to handle emergency cases whenever it arises in long-distance transport to the hospital. They achieve this preparedness by providing their employees with training on basic medical emergency procedures and equipping their vehicles with medical emergency devices and kits.


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