How NEMTs Help to Improve Medical Transport Service Costs for Patients

NEMT (Non-emergency Medical Transport) service providers serve as a reliable transport resource for patients who need assistance traveling from one location to another to receive medical care, even though they may not necessarily be in an emergency.

This transport service helps to strike a balance between efficiency of service delivery and timeliness of service. By doing so, they help to reduce medical transport service costs for patients.

Most patients pass through many challenges to access certain medical care, and one of such is transportation, especially for those who live around the rural geographies. For instance, an elderly patient suffering from a chronic medical condition and has a scheduled surgical appointment but lives in a rural area some good distance from the city may need medical transport assistance to get to their medical appointment in the city or another state.

One of the first things that’ll come to mind is how they’ll attend their surgical appointment, especially if there is insufficient capacity or some other form of a setback in the PTS (Patient Transport Service) system to enable her journey. In such situations, NEMTs can render reliable transportation assistance that helps to drastically minimize patients’ medical transport service costs.

Here are some of the ways NEMT service providers help improve patients’ medical transport service costs.

·        Providing Access to Healthcare

NEMT services provide essential transportation assistance to disadvantaged Medicaid recipients, especially the elderly, disabled, low-income earners, and those who live far away from essential healthcare services. Non-emergency transport services often provide this peculiar group of persons a variety of affordable service solutions through which their medical transport needs can be solved.

·        Specialized Payment Plans for Low-income Earners

The provision of specialized payment plans for low-income earners is one of the notable ways most NEMTs help disadvantaged Medicaid patients reduce their medical transport service costs. Such payment plans are usually made available to Medicaid patients who need non-emergency transportation services but cannot pay in one installment. Qualified recipients are usually enrolled under specialized discounted payment plans while receiving the same level of first-rate services on every trip.

·        Reduced Growth of Chronic Conditions

The activities of non-emergency medical transport service providers help to drastically cut down the growth of chronic conditions across the United States. Many people with chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, asthma, etc., require frequent medical transport assistance. Most of the time, the demand surpasses regular PTS capacity. In such cases where PTS has insufficient capacity to meet the need, NEMTs help to drastically reduce that medical transport service cost on government.

·        Network Management

Managing the multifaceted, dynamic needs of medical transportation can be an exhilarating task, even for the government. In most cases, regular PTS services are not as effective as they are in urban cities. As such, many disadvantaged Medicaid patients living in rural geographies cannot rely on them as frequently as they require medical transport assistance.

However, NEMT services cater to these patients through the broad range of services that they provide. With just one call, patients can schedule a pickup without having to worry about the logistics. Non-emergency medical transport services offer a broader network reach that extends to rural dwellers no matter where they may be.

They can make whatever necessary arrangements required to safely and comfortably convey patients from their location to important medical appointments once they call for the service.


Non-emergency medical transport services offer a wide variety of transport solutions that help disadvantaged Medicaid patients cut down on medical transport service costs. Their diverse range of service solutions aims to strike a balance between efficiency of service delivery and timeliness of service. This way, disadvantaged patients are provided with safe, efficient, convenient, and reliable means to attend various important medical appointments.


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