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How the Elderly can benefit from Comfortable Interstate Medical Transport

Many times there are scenarios where our elderly loved ones must be transported from one place to another due to medical reasons. State to state elderly transport for non-emergency care doesn’t have to be impersonal or uncomfortable for your loved ones. Choose AAC Medlink for interstate elderly transport to get your family member to their destination safety, securely and comfortably through ACC Medlink.

What is ACC Medlink?

ACC Medlink was created as a section of Air Critical Care (ACC) to provide interstate patient transport for elderly or interstate disabled transport for disabled patients who need to be moved from one state to another for medical care. The provide 24 hour service all over the US and will care for your elderly parents or other loved ones as if they were their own family members. Plus, they have all the proper accreditation and licenses.

Medical vehicles from ACC Medlink offer your loved ones spacious, comfortable state to state elderly transport in style and treat them like humans, not cargo. They can transport them directly from their homes or the airport to hospitals or other medical facilities. Each of their medical vans come equipped with all of the needed medical supplies and gear, along with amenities such as DVD, TV, and Wi-Fi.

This luxurious way to handle interstate elderly transport also includes things like tinted windows on the vehicle for privacy, eight inch thick memory foam mattress for the patient, plush leather captain’s chairs or memory foam beds for family members accompanying the patient, meals, and plenty of room for nurses and family members alike to be comfortable on the state to state elderly transport.

ACC Medlink Provides Services for Patient, Family Members

There is plenty of room for the patient to enjoy the interstate patient transport along with other family members. In fact, ACC Medlink will even allow them to take along the family pet, unlike some of the other interstate medical  transport companies.

In addition, the interstate elderly transport team can help with feeding the patient meals, which are included along with the price. They will also do things such as shifting or turning the patient, changing diapers or taking care of a catheter if needed, and give prescribed medicine.

Why should your loved ones be transported to their out of state medical facility in an uncomfortable fashion when ACC Medlink can do state to state elderly transport that is comfortable, safe, and pleasant for everyone. If you need interstate patient transport to get your elderly loved ones from their home or hospital bed to some other medical facility in a different state, then call ACC Medlink to set up an appointment, or go to www.medic-trans.com for more information.