Things You Should Know About Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Non emergency medical transportation is the transportation of a patient seeking medical assistance, but they’re not in a state of emergency. The goal is to move patients to the destination they’ve selected that will better support their medical needs. Common transport options are ambulances, helicopters, or other emergency vehicles.

Services like this are sometimes provided by hospitals and other healthcare institutes. Usually, the patients that use this means to get medical care are not in severe medical danger, but still require medical attention. Patients that are common in this category are chronically ill patients, elderly, and rehabilitation patients. This is so that they can have medical care while on the road to or from the hospital. Necessary equipment in relevance to the patient’s condition is made available in case of need. A paramedic or nurse is usually in the company of such patients to monitor their condition. The vehicle is adjusted to accommodate any special needs of patients. The ambulances or vehicles used for non-emergency transportation do not usually bear sirens or lights as is seen in emergencies.

The cost of non emergency transport is usually lower than emergency transportation. The reason being that there is often time to schedule your travel ahead of time. The transport workers do not need to work overtime as they could conveniently make the trip fit into their working hours. This would eliminate the chance of you paying more. Medicaid is a government aid in the United States that helps cover these types of expenses for eligible patients. Usually, personal insurances do not take responsibility for such costs.


Most non emergency transport companies will assist you to appointments, check-ups, therapies, and more. Select a company that will match all of your needs, and help relieve the stress of these situations. Here are some questions you should ask during this process….

– Inquire about the transport services:

If there are any special needs that you’d like to be met during transport, you should let the company know. The right company will make sure that you feel like all of your needs have been accommodated. Transportation companies usually have an array of options you could choose from. Ranging from the type of vehicle you require, to the arrangement of the vehicle with any special equipment you may need. Examples of equipment: wheelchair, gurney, stretcher.

– Inquire about the category of people the transport services are made available for:

Depending on your condition, it is important you clarify that there are provisions that could accommodate you conveniently. Some companies are only able to cater to a certain group of people.

– Clarify the working hours:

It is important that the transportation company you are hiring can convey you to and from your medical facility at your own time. You need to find out if they have fixed working hours or if they are flexible. This is very crucial because you could have a check-up or therapy at an unusual time. You want to feel like you can count on your transportation company.

– Inquire about transportation limitations:

Some transportation companies have miles they stick to while some could make long-distance travels. It is imperative that you hire a company that would be able to go the distance you are traveling.

– Transportation cost:

It is also important that you hire a transportation company within your pocket range. Non emergency transportation companies do not take up as much money as emergency transportation.

It is wise that you narrow down your options and compare different transportation companies before reaching a decision.


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