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Medical Transport State to State

When to Use State to State Medical Transport Services

When a person requires specialized care or treatment at a distant medical facility, a state to state medical transport service is often the ideal transport method. Most interstate medical transport services have the right kind of medical vehicle and personnel on board to safely and conveniently transport a patient over a long distance.

Why are Medical Transport Services Necessary?

Private and commercial transport services are rarely equipped with the right type of medical equipment or personnel needed to transport a bedridden or sick patient over long distances safely. Specialized long-distance medical transport services have retrofitted vehicles with beds, life-saving medical equipment and trained medical personnel to accompany the patient and administer emergency or routine care if needed.

What Are Some Features of a Long-Distance Medical Transport Service?

Some medical transport services offer in-flight services to patients and their families. Depending on the financial ability and preferred mode of transportation, there will be a need to discuss with the medical transport company beforehand. This is important to ensure that an accurate quote of the service needed is given and the best mode of transport is determined for the sick person.

Some medical transport services will also offer a bed-to-bed medical transport service. Here, the patient is picked up from their bed at a facility or from their home and is delivered directly to a bed in the receiving facility. This arrangement offers the least inconvenience to the patient and guarantees that they will always be looked after from pickup to drop off.

Transporting a patient over a long distance requires more than just a convenient transport method. It will also involve medical care while in transit and special arrangements to ensure the patient’s convenience and safety throughout the long trip. There are several modes of state to state medical transport service. Air ambulance, commercial airlines and medical vehicles are some common methods. However, each patient’s ideal mode of transport will be determined primarily by a combination of factors including budget, medical condition/state, priority, and preference.