Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services for The Elderly

According to Britannica, older adults are folks of ages 60 and above. At this age, many mental and physical transformations occur that can affect a person’s overall well-being. 

Although older adults tend to suffer a decline in well-being, an area of their life that is typically affected is their mobility. Most old adults find it difficult to independently move from one place to another. 

As they age, the capacity to attend social functions, go shopping or keep up with medical appointments drops. Thus, there’s a need to provide support and care for them as they experience age-related changes. 

An excellent way to assist the elderly is through easy access to alternative transportation options. These options will help them regain balance in life. 

Although there are various elderly transport opportunities available to older adults, it’s essential to take cognizance of factors that affect the mobility of the elderly. 

Conditions Affecting the Driving Ability of the Elderly

  1. Reduced Visibility – Old age is synonymous with a decline in eyesight. Most adults may not notice these developments not until the condition deteriorates. This is because vision problems may be painless during the early stages. 

However, when these diseases advance, the elderly are likely to lose their vision or have poor visibility. Hence, it isn’t always advisable for them to drive themselves due to the risk of an accident.

To support this fact, the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) re-counted that older drivers of ages 60 and above had an increased rate of accident fatalities.

  • Chronic Illnesses – Hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases are common illnesses suffered by the elderly. According to NCBI, these diseases are normal chronic conditions associated only with old age. However, not all old persons experience them as they are more predominant amongst ages 85 and above

On that note, the elderly who suffer these sicknesses are likely to lose their driving ability. Hence, elderly transport options become vital to helping older adults move around.

Transportation Services Available for the Elderly

To assist older people with movement, below are three transportation services they can choose from;

  1. Carpooling – This type of transportation allows a group of elderly persons to journey together to a specific place. A particular driver is in charge of coordinating and conveying them to and from their destination. Meanwhile, it’s crucial to note that this type of elderly transport works for seniors journeying towards the same destination, such as a medical appointment.  
  1. Non-emergency transport – For transporting elderly persons to and from a medical facility, across long distances, or from one health institution to another, non-emergency transport is often the best option. Here, medical personnel escorts the senior to ensure that they receive adequate medical care during transit.
  1. Door-to-door transport  When using door-to-door transportation, elderly persons are allowed to make reservations, such as deciding on the time of their journey and where they will be transported.


Old age is a fascinating phase of life. However, health-related challenges such as reduced visibility, chronic diseases, and immobility are typical with aging people. Fortunately, the elderly transport options mentioned above can help older adults retain a level of independence and freedom.


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