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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services: Getting Medical Assistance from ACC Medlink

ACC Medlink’s non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) services represent an aspect of medical transportation services that deal with qualified persons who would like to travel long-distance from one state to another using a bedside-to-bedside service accompanied by trained medical professionals.

These patients or healthcare beneficiaries either have no functional vehicle or are unable to travel over physical, mental, or developmental difficulties.

On the flip side, emergency healthcare refers to an occasion that places the life and health of the individual at some form of risk. These risks are usually denoted by severe symptoms which require urgent medical attention.

Examples of such life-threatening symptoms include internal bleeding, severely traumatic conditions, or heart attack.

According to a paper published by the American Heart Association, social issues have a large potential impact on patients’ health conditions. Also, 3.6 million people based on the report’s findings, lack medical attention primarily because they can’t transport themselves to the hospital. And four in every hundred children miss their medical appointments due to lack of failure of transportation services.

Transportation remains one of the most implicated hindrances preventing patients from making their doctor’s visits. It’s worth noting, however, that these social issues have virtually no connection with the hospital’s in-house operations.

ACC Medlink’s NEMT services transport patients long-distance nationwide interstate and bedside-to-bedside.

The NEMT service provider intends to transport the patient to their destination comfortably and inexpensively. Beneficiaries of NEMT services would no longer have to miss their loved ones with effective medical transport services.

Non-medical emergency transport services include wheelchair, stretcher, ambulance, or flight services, depending on the request of the individual and their medical conditions. Following is an overview of each of these service types.

·         Wheelchair Services

NEMT wheelchair services are critical for individuals who cannot support themselves while making a traveling alone. Wheelchairs (incorporated into the transport system) provide them the temporary support they need to make their destination on time.

·         Stretcher Services

Patients who have excruciating back pain or lingering spinal cord issues might need a stretcher on their way to the hospital. The NEMT vehicle makes provision for a convenient stretcher compartment, which conveys the individual safely and securely to their destination.

·         Flight Services

Sometimes, the patient would like to relocate to another state or even country more quickly than be ground transportation. For instance, the concerned individual might require a specialist’s healthcare that isn’t readily available around them. To meet such far-away doctor’s visits or even just to be closer to loved ones, the patient might request NEMT’s flight services or Commercial Medical Escort services. 

Final Words

With ACC Medlink’s NEMT services, the medical transport service provider can provide the much-needed sustainable medical assistance solution to patients who would like bedside-to-bedside care during long-distance interstate medical transportation.