Our Medical Transportation Services Are Available Nationwide

At ACC Medlink, we specialize in long distance medical transport services. If you have a parent, spouse, or child who needs to move from one medical facility to another, our medical transportation services travel to every city and state in the country. There are many advantages of using our medical ground transportation, including these:

  • Patient safety and comfort are important to us. Patients have an 8” memory foam mattress for comfort along the way
  • We treat our patients as family members and try to meet every request
  • Our medical transport vehicles have enough room for nurses to stand to care for patients
  • Family members are welcome to travel along with the patient. We provide three viscoelastic memory foam beds for family members
  • We are pet friendly and welcome your pets
  • Our vehicles are DOT approved and have been inspected
  • A nurse plus two drivers accompany the patient on the trip. Drivers drive straight through to reach the destination quickly and safely
Medical Transportation Services that Offer Comfort and Entertainment

We want the trip to be relaxing for the patient and for any family members who want to travel along. Our Sprinter transporters have leather captain’s chairs for comfort, and we offer an HD-TV, DVD player and Wi-Fi so you can keep up with friends and family as you are away from home. Our company is the leader in medical transportation services because we offer only the best for our patients and their families.You can request a quote online or call us at 800-550-1025.


ACC Medlink Fleet Fully Equipped With Power Lift Pro Systems

When choosing a medical transport service provider, you must ensure to choose one that not only focuses on getting you to your destination, but also prioritizes using the safest, most conducive, and most efficient sets of vehicle fleets and equipment to do the job.


Protecting Our Customers From Covid

ACC Medlink is committed to the safety and health of all our patients and crew. Given the coronavirus’s unfortunate spread, we recognize the need for extra vigilance and care for the safety and well-being of our patients and staff. We continuously adapt and review our Covid-19 policy ...


New Fleet of Elite Medical Transport Vehicles

ACC Medlink is proud to announce the addition of a new line of elite medical sprinter vans to our long distance medical transport fleet. This addition will allow ACC Medlink to continue to provide superior service and outstanding care for those in need of medical transport out of state...