Salute to Case Managers

In the medical profession, patients often find it difficult to advocate for themselves. Many patients aren’t familiar with medical terminology and how it relates to their condition. They also may feel that doctors and other medical professionals are better suited to make their decisions for them. The same is true when a patient needs a medical transport service. In situations where a long distance patient transport is necessary, a case manager can be a valuable asset for patients and their families.

Coordinate the Discharge

When patients are discharged from a hospital or medical facility, whether they are going home or using a medical transport service to go to a different facility, patients and their families are responsible for arranging the transportation. Case managers, also known as social workers, work directly with the patient to coordinate the discharge between the hospital and the long distance patient transport or their return home. If patients require a transfer to another location, a case manager can help the family choose a medical transport company and set up the logistics of the trip. This is particularly helpful for longer distances.

Create a Plan for Transport

Patients who require medical transport service to another medical facility will need to work closely with the company they choose to provide the proper care throughout the trip. Case managers can alleviate the burden of making the plans and take over for the family to ensure everything is handled properly. A case manager will complete the following tasks in preparation to transport to another facility.

  • Set up and confirm the date and time of the transport.
  • Compile a list of medications required for the trip.
  • Create a diagnosis and treatment document to guide the medical staff on the medical transport.
  • List any special instructions for the care of the patient.
  • Coordinate the patient’s admission at the new facility.
A Smooth Transition for Patients

Without the help of a qualified case manager, patients may not experience a smooth transition from one medical facility to another. Handling the issues associated with medical care and the transportation of a sick or injured patient can be stressful for the family. It may be difficult for someone who is close to the situation to think clearly enough to handle the logistics properly. A case manager’s primary focus is on providing the patient with the highest quality patient care, especially during a long distance patient transport.

Quality patient care often requires someone who can advocate for the patient. While doctors, nurses and other medical professionals try to provide each patient with the best possible care, sometimes their caseload makes this difficult. A case manager is dedicated to helping each patient get exactly what he or she needs, including their medical transport service needs.

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