Six Methods of Hastening Broken Bone Healing

The strength and durability of each of the 206 bones in a fully-developed human body is worth more admiration than many people tend to give; nonetheless, a bone can fracture, if not outright break, if its area incurs enough of a forceful impact, and the length of the self-healing process the bone must undergo can easily be stretched out by a variety of factors. Age is one of the factors that are most responsible for lengthening the body’s bone-mending process.

Six of the best approaches one may take to hasten the healing process are as follows:

1. Defer to your doctor’s judgment

Do not neglect to set up appointments with your doctor over the matter of the best ways to heal your broken bones. As your doctor will be a qualified professional in this area, regard his instructions as though they carry more weight than anyone else’s advice.

2. Refrain from smoking at least for as long as necessary

Bone injuries in patients who regularly smoke have been shown by solid evidence to require much more time to heal. This is because the effects smoking has on one’s blood flow renders the blood unable to deliver important nutrients and repairing cells to the broken bones in question. A more worrisome outcome of smoking habits is the possibility that a condition known as nonunion – in which a broken bone never heals – may manifest.

3. Consume the right foods in the right amounts

The body requires a high protein intake in order to mend a bone – a structure that is itself made of protein. Furthermore, it will need many calories because the body will burn through energy in its efforts to repair bones. In addition to eating a large amount of high-calorie and high-protein food for these purposes, a patient will also need to consume foods with antioxidants in them; the inflammation that tends to remain around a wound for several days after the initial injury will slow down the healing process until the inflammation itself is reduced, and antioxidants help to achieve this.

4. Consume extra mineral supplements

Even if you immediately adopt a diet specifically tailored to promoting the body’s natural healing processes, the body may nonetheless require further specific vitamins and minerals that your diet may not provide. Therefore, you should additionally consume no more and no less than the recommended dosages of Vitamin C, D, B6, and K, as well as calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, and zinc, because every one of these supplements are beneficial for your body’s capacity to heal from various types of injuries.

5. Perform safe exercises with your uninjured areas

It is very important that the area of your body containing the broken bone not be moved at all – for the healing process can only be allowed to proceed if the area remains completely stationary. Likewise, however, it is also quite necessary to adapt an exercise regimen that you may perform with the rest of your body, even if you must remain in a wheelchair. Not only does this help maintain strength, but the accompanying increase to blood flow naturally encourages the healing process to carry out faster.

6. Consider using untested external devices to help heal fractures

There exist unusual treatment methods that have never been clinically proven to assist a body’s natural healing process, such as electrical or magnetic stimulation, but that nonetheless have their proponents. On this basis, some doctors may agree to allow the usage of external devices that provide these effects in order to see whether they will stimulate the self-repair of fractured bones faster.

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