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Six Reasons To Opt For A Medical Transport Service

Approximately 3.6 million Americans miss or delay medical care, owing to their inability to meet up with medical appointments. Usually, this is a direct result of a lack of transportation options. The need for dependable medical transport service is crucial, as people who are unable to receive or seek medical attention when needed, risk jeopardizing their health.

No-show rates could run as high as 30% nationwide. A reliable medical transport service largely reduces the chances of patients missing out on their medical appointments for reasons that have to do with transportation.

Below are six compelling reasons why it is essential to seek the best medical transportation for either yourself, a patient, or for a loved one;

  • Accessibility to Patients: Medical transportation services are often readily available all seasons and year long with well-maintained vehicles. This ensures that there’s hardly a period when a patient will be cut off from proper care while in transit. In harsh seasons like winter, the mediums of transportation are winterized. Also, responsive customer service lines simplify the process of getting a transport service.
  • Availability of Specialized Personnel: Unlike taking a cab or bus ride, medical transport services are often accompanied by trained nurses and other relevant medical personnel that can administer essential medical treatment and care.
  • Provision of Specialized Services: Professional medical transport services offer a range of specialized services, including bariatric, wheelchair, stretcher, and long-distance medical transportation services. This ensures that a wide range of medical transport services can be provided to a variety of patients based on need and preference.
  • Punctuality: Some patients require a routine visit to the doctor, while others may be necessary to visit the hospital regularly, following a surgery or rehab program. Patients can schedule appointments to help convey them to and from their medical appointments and commitments.
  • Safety of Patients: Patients are confident of professional medical care and attention while in transit. This is especially important during a long-distance medical transport service. There is also the advantage of ramps, scoop stretchers, oxygen tanks, bag valve masks, etc. All of these ensure the safety of patients before getting on board and during the journey.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Professional and dependable medical transport services make use of mediums that are specially built to adapt to changes, provide care and compassion for different medical situations. For instance, the presence of ramps makes the vehicles wheelchair accessible. This, in turn, eliminates the need to carry a patient out of their wheelchair to put them on a car seat. It is only best for patients to use the most convenient means of transport. Workers are trained to maintain composure and remain kind even in the most inconvenient situations, providing the best care.

Outside the advantages which the patient enjoys, there is also the added convenience that this service accords the family and the loved ones of the patient. Close friends and family can go about their healthy lives with the knowledge that their loved ones are being transported safely and conveniently.