Six Tips for Choosing the Best Assisted Living Facility

Read about the candidates and research them thoroughly

Write a list of questions while you are conducting your research. Make sure to include a few about security, like where cameras are located, how often residents are checked on after bedtime, and what happens if a resident tries to leave unattended. You can ask these during your scheduled tour. Find out the types of food that are served, how often the residents have activities, whether they have access to off-site entertainment, and what company is providing the transportation. Bankrate says that many seniors transition from driving to using some form of medical transportation as they age.

Consider the budget and what type of place is ideal

Think about the kind of activities you or your family member likes and plan to participate in when living in a senior living community. Consider continuing care companies that progressively move patients as they need more help from home to a full-service medical assistance facility. The biggest disadvantage to this type of care is the upfront cost, but if you can afford this option, it gives you peace of mind that your loved one is taken care of no matter what the future holds.

Visit the facilities

Look at the cleanliness of the place. See how residents are treated when they need help. Watch the staff to see how busy they are and if they become upset with the patients or maintain their composure. Always do a surprise visit before making a decision. Anyone can shape up for a scheduled visit; it is what they do during an unplanned meeting that counts. While you are visiting, it is an excellent idea to ask to sample a meal so that you can see the quality of food that is served.

Visit on family day

Make sure that during one of your visits to the center that you go on a day when families are allowed to visit. If you can find a place that offers 24 hours visitation, that is the best. Those with restricted hours should be evaluated on the level of care when other people are around. This also gives you the chance to talk to other families to find out if they are satisfied with the care their loved one receives.

Ask about extras and hidden fees

It is important to find out if there are charges for moving out early or leaving the facility if you or your loved one is not happy. Some places charge extra for transportation, meals, and medical care. Make sure you know what your money is paying for by asking for an itemized list of charges. Go over the items carefully and ask about anything that concerns you before agreeing to pay the fees.

Always go with your gut

A Place For Mom says that going with your instincts is the best way to stay out of trouble and avoid cut-rate senior care. You know when something just does not feel right, so it is important to listen when you have that feeling. Your instincts could be the difference between picking the right place or not. Choosing a facility that uses luxury transportation services gives you a good head start on selecting a list of potential assisted care residences.

When you narrow down your list of candidates, you will probably have a small list of transportation companies. If your options use ACC Medlink, you can be assured that they are using a high-quality transportation provider. ACC offers high-end services to their clients so that they always travel in style and comfort. When you want the best for your loved one, make sure they spend their last years in luxury. You will be happy that you chose to give your family member the life they dreamed of for retirement. The best part is that their medical needs are being served while they remain independent for as long as they can. It also relieves the stress that you will put your family under when your parent or family member need more care than you can give.


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