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Medical transport involves the transportation of patients from one point to another. However, it is imperative that patients are transported in the most efficient and safest possible manner. There should be absolutely zero compromises on the latter.

To continue to offer and improve on our full range of medical transport services, we have decided to subject all our vehicles to a crash test/simulation. The goal of this exercise is to ensure that our vehicles do not aggravate the effects of an accident. Conversely, in the unfortunate event that an accident indeed happens, we want to be sure that we can limit the resulting damage as much as possible.

Customer Committed

In our bid to proactively strengthen and demonstrate our total commitment to the safe medical transportation of all our patients with zero compromises, we have subjected all our medical vans to a crash test that will certify them crash approved.

A thorough inspection under the supervision of the Department of Transportation (D.O.T) was carried out to ascertain the road-worthiness and crash safety of all our medical vehicles. This examination involved closeup scrutiny of all the materials used to make the form of the vehicle. This includes all:

  • Bed-plate weldings
  • Car fittings
  • Tensile/structural tests

Plus, any other materials used to make the beds, seats, and other items that may pose harm during an accident.

Furthermore, a separate computer-based simulation was fed with data from actual tests/materials from our medical vans to simulate a crash. After a series of extensive testing and simulation, our entire fleet of medical transport vehicles was certified safe and crash approved.

As mentioned earlier, this method of ensuring that a vehicle is crash approved and is built with authentic materials is approved by the D.O.T. The safety of you or your loved ones is non-negotiable. As a medical transport company dedicated to offering top quality medical transport services, we will stop at nothing to ensure that all our vehicles become even safer and comfortable for all our patients.

Continuous Approval

Our commitment and attitude towards the safety of all our patients will continue to be reiterated verbally, attitudinal, and physically. Tests like this help us to proactively plan for unfortunate instances that, while unlikely to happen, cannot be completely ruled out.

Our entire medical transport fleet was crash approved following stringent safety and crash tests. We are happy to pride ourselves as a safety-conscious medical transport company that will stop at nothing to guarantee your safety and health when you ride with us.

We remain fervently committed to your safety, health, and convenience every time you or your loved ones choose to ride with any of our medical transportation services.