The Top Five Options for Transporting Seniors

Giving up on driving is difficult for seniors. When you take away their driving privileges, they often lose their sense of independence and become emotionally disoriented. Hence, finding an alternative to their transportation becomes necessary. Contacting family and friends is a great way to start the search for good transport for seniors. They know more than you can imagine. They might even provide extra information about delivery options. Here are some great options for transporting seniors:

1. Caregivers

It is easy to think that caregivers are only restricted to services like cooking and laundry. However, some caregivers are highly capable of transporting your elderly loved ones. Why not go to your local home care agency? They will link you up with a caregiver that specializes in transporting seniors. Plus, home care agencies often carry out background checks for their caregiver staff. This means you can leave your elderly loved ones with a reliable caregiver to transport them without fear.

2. Public Transportation

A common way of moving around cities is public transportation. There are buses, subways, light rails, and ferries to take you around. One of the perks of public transport is that seniors are usually offered discounts and coupons. Furthermore, some public buses make room for wheelchairs and other mobility aids at no extra charge.

You should consider public transportation if you live in places where it is efficient. Sadly, some cities have a flawed public transportation system. Therefore, it is wise that you only go for public transportation if the system is operated efficiently.

3. Family

This is a very convenient option for seniors. Your relative is accustomed to the routine of your elderly loved one and knows where they enjoy hanging out. Furthermore, you have a solid idea about the driving ability of your relative. However, this option may not be sustainable in the long run, as there may not always be a family member available.

4. Volunteer Transportation Programs

Some religious or non-profit organizations run volunteer transportation programs to help seniors with their transportation needs. However, you must make reservations ahead of time. Nevertheless, transportation cost is highly affordable if anything is paid at all. These volunteer programs mostly run on donations, and a volunteer network is there to help out.

5. Non-emergency medical transport services                                                     

Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) is one of the best options for safely and conveniently transporting seniors. Whether the elderly passenger has difficulty moving around or is handicapped, NEMT comes highly recommended.

NEMT companies offer transport for seniors using approved medical transport vehicles, which can accommodate a wheelchair and other mobility equipment. They also ensure that a trained medical employee accompanies your elderly loved ones on their trips, be it long or short distance. However, you must book an appointment with them beforehand.

You must ensure that the chosen non-emergency medical transport services comply with the American Disability Act.  If not, your loved one might be in for an uncomfortable ride. Most of these NEMT firms offer door-to-door service and curb-to-curb service. You can request any of these services as long as the convenience needs of your elderly loved one are met.


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