Improving Healthcare Access with Medical Transportation

Medical transportation is a significant aspect of healthcare because it helps patients get to where they need to be. Some of those people include the elderly, those with disabilities, and those with other special medical needs. It’s also essential for individuals who can’t drive or don’t have personal vehicles because it increases the ease of mobility.

Types of Medical Transportation

There are two significant types of healthcare transport based on the use. They are the emergency and non-emergency transportations, and we’ll discuss them subsequently to highlight their distinctive features.

Emergency Medical Transportation

The emergency aspect is the most popular type because it’s for cases that need urgent medical attention. It’s also for transporting patients facing severe complications, and they are classified as either basic or advanced life support. Therefore, it requires skilled professionals like paramedics as people may require assistance during transit.

That may include the use of oxygen tanks, vital signs monitoring, and administering shots like adrenaline. The common ones include the ambulance services we all know. However, we appreciated this type and the non-emergency transport more at the peak of COVID-19, when patients had to be moved to other locations.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Contrarily, this type of medical transportation is for patients without urgent complications. That means there’s no need for any hurry because they don’t require immediate medical attention. It’s mostly for individuals with scheduled appointments like surgery, check-ups, or filling prescriptions. However, there are other applications, provided it’s not an emergency.

They could either be for ambulatory people, i.e., those who can walk with little or no aid, and those who can’t. Thus, there’s room to offer the necessary assistance, so it also requires trained staff. It’s also essential for the service providers to have the expected equipment to ease the transit process for the patients. Other aspects include medical flights and courier services.

The Transportation Barrier

One of the most significant barriers to healthcare access is the lack of mobility. That’s because it results in delayed care, rescheduled or missed appointments, and missed or delayed medication use. It’s especially detrimental in emergencies or cases of chronic illness and leads to poor health outcomes.

That’s why this issue needs more attention than people realize. Though other factors may pose more prominent hindrances to good health, it’s necessary to tackle the area of transportation. Additionally, researchers hope to carry out more studies to measure the specific impact of these barriers on clinical outcomes.

Benefits of Promoting Healthcare Access

These transportation methods mentioned earlier aim to improve healthcare access for everyone and promote equity. That way, patients can get the necessary medical attention regardless of their physical or financial conditions. Beyond that, it has other benefits, including patient convenience and better health outcomes.


Ultimately, medical transportation services crucially serve society presently, especially the geriatric population. It helps to decrease the need for more intensive healthcare services, especially for non-emergency cases. Thus, patients, caregivers, and health professionals need to understand and embrace its use for better outcomes.


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