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Tips on Finding the Right Medical Transport Service Provider

Medical transport service providers assist individuals who can’t travel by themselves, being medically incapacitated. There are several different medical situations that you or your loved one might have, predisposing them to need transportation assistance. So, finding the right non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service provider could be a pretty challenging task.

The following tips will guide you in selecting the best NEMT Company to suit your transport needs.

Inquire about Their Safety Regulations and Procedures

In the world of medical transport services, safety certainly comes first. You want a company that freely supplies information about measures they have in place to ensure safety.

An effective medical transport services provider would be eager to tell you about their safety regulations and policies. For instance, information about their hiring procedures and available references or driver safety records could be of much help.

Timeliness is Key

It’s not just enough to know that the company maintains safety procedures and regulations. It’s imperative to know how soon their vehicle can respond to your calls or bookings. Being a non-emergency medical transport service provider doesn’t exclude them from prompt responses.

You might also want to ask about their drivers and other staff members. Are they equipped to respond timely and efficiently in any possible situation? Any good medical transport company should be timely in their response to calls or bookings.

What Type of Vehicles and Equipment Are Used?

Ask about the vehicles the medical transport service company uses in offering NEMT services. Does the company have specialized vehicles to commute you or your loved ones?

Is there appropriate equipment needed for different medical conditions on their team?  For instance, any systems in place to respond to an emergency? Having CPR and First Aid trained staff on the transport team is a big plus.

Moreover, you could also inquire about the maintenance culture of their vehicles. Source information concerning adequate routine and periodic checks on the vehicles. Remember, you or your loved ones might have to travel over long distances.

So, you can’t overemphasize the importance of adequate vehicle maintenance and the requisite equipment in the NEMT Company’s fleet of vehicles.

Online Reviews Are Meant to Be Reviewed

To know about a company’s past performances, your best bet is to go through customer reviews. How did they handle different unique situations with each client? By paying attention to the details in the review, you can imagine how they’d likely behave in your case.

Conduct some Google searches on them and see what others have to say about them. If the company has a considerable online presence, they’d have few persons, at least, who reviewed their services online.

Short or Long-Distance Transportation Services?

One of the qualities of good NEMT Companies is they’re clear about the areas they serve. If you’d require long-distance non-emergency trips, you want a company that offers long-distance transport services. These companies can help in transporting you when traveling to far-away regions or seeking special medical care.


The best medical transport service providers can take you anywhere you want, in a safe, timely, and comfortable manner. With the right company, you won’t have to worry about meeting your traveling needs. Of course, when more than one available company meets these requirements, you’re left to your taste or inclinations.