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Transporting The Elderly Long Distances Just Got Easier

People are living longer than ever before. A growing senior population causes new challenges including transportation. Families are mobile due to jobs and the economy. As a result, elderly relatives need to move with them. However, interstate senior transport by car can be daunting. Sometimes, they need to have medication and it is hard to make them comfortable. Additionally, air travel is not available if the senior has a respiratory problem. That is because commercial airlines do not allow oxygen tanks on board. Long Distance Elderly Transportation is the perfect solution. Many providers offer long distance senior transport, which are usually trips of 200 miles and greater. Transportation can be arranged to and from:

  • homes
  • rehab centers
  • assisted living facilities
  • nursing homes
  • hospitals


Providers recognize that many people cannot afford expensive ambulance transport or air service. Therefore, ground transportation is an affordable alternative. In addition, most providers are equipped to move patients with a variety of conditions. Indeed, this service helps people who need medical supervision or equipment during transport. Every effort is made to see that your loved one is comfortable. Many providers have special beds so the patient can rest while traveling. Additionally, state of the art wheelchair lifts are available to assist patients who cannot walk. Additional seating is available for family members who want to travel with the patient. There is no need to worry about snacks and meals because food is provided. Often, family members are more relaxed about the move if they can go along. There is always a worry that interstate elderly transport may be too difficult for someone who is sick. However, providers are prepared in case of any medical emergency. Medical services offered include:

  • vitals monitoring
  • suction units are available to service tracheotomy needs
  • incontinent care is available with appropriate skin care
  • personnel turn patients regularly
  • staff is also available to change dressings
  • certain medications can be administered

Long distance elderly transportation companies usually provide a quote that includes ground transportation, medical personnel and driving crew, equipment, meals and tolls. Often, the company will have more than one driver aboard so there’s no need to stop along the highway. With our population aging it appears that many people will need this service in the years to come and ACC Medlink will be there to serve them at the highest level.