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We Offer Top Care for Patients with Our Long Distance Medical Transport Services

If you are looking for a long distance patient transportation company to take your loved one or a patient from one facility to another, we can help. ACC Medlink provides long distance medical transport services to every city and state in the country. Our employees have medical backgrounds, and some are Registered Nurses and Paramedics. They are all experts in dealing with many medical conditions that range from stroke victims to dementia patients. The services that we offer during transport are these:

  • Our team assists the patient with feeding, and meals, snacks, and drinks are included
  • We shift and turn patients and provide personal care such as cleaning, diaper changes, or maintaining a catheter if needed
  • Our team assists patients with their prescribed medications
  • Oxygen is also available if needed
Our Medical Transport Service Allows Family Members to Accompany the Patient

Family members or passengers may go along on the trip at no extra charge, but this must be arranged before the medical transport service scheduled date. We provide comfortable beds for those who want to travel with the patient, and they can surf the Internet or watch DVD movies for entertainment. We would like to have 24 hours advance notice of the date that you need our services, but we are usually able to provide services in less time if necessary.