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We Provide Medical Transport Services for 200 Miles or More

ACC Medlink provides medical transport services for your family member who may need to travel long distance to a new facility. You can rely on us when your spouse, parent, or child is not able to travel with you by regular vehicle. Our non-emergency medical transport service is provided by a staff of professionals who have been chosen because they know how to move patients from bedside to bedside, while providing the ultimate in comfort for the patient. A nurse travels with the patient, providing basic care, such as assistance with feeding and prescribed medication, diaper changes, and other care. We are not licensed for emergency medical treatment, so we provide only basic care. If the patient needs oxygen or catheter changes, we handle these basics. Other services that we provide are these:

  • Spacious Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vehicles with an inviting interior and ample room for comfort
  • Leather captain chairs for comfort
  • 8” memory foam mattress for the patient
  • Beds for up to 3 family members
  • Pet-friendly accommodations
  • Assistance with meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Help with prescription medications
Medical Transport Services with Loving Care for the Patient

Our clients continually thank us for the loving care that we provide for their family members with our medical transport services. If a patient has a request, we do everything possible to meet their desires. Although it is not required that you travel with the patient, we have room in our Sprinter transporters for up to 3 family members. If you do not plan to travel along with the patient, you might want to consider using our affordable Ford vans that are also large and comfortable, but which do not have the space for family members. Both of our options for long distance medical transportation vehicles offer the same patient services and comfort.