What Does Bedside-to-Bedside Mean?

The medical care offered at each hospital or medical facility is not created equal. Some facilities specialize in certain ailments, while others simply aren’t large enough to accommodate the needs of all patients. In these instances, it may become necessary to transport a patient to another location via a long distance ambulance. When you hire a medical transportation company for long distance medical transport, make sure they offer bedside-to-bedside service for the best results.

The Discharging Facility

The first step in a bedside-to-bedside transfer is the discharging facility. This is the hospital or establishment where the patient is currently receiving care. Whether this center is too small to meet the needs of the patient or the patient requires specialized care only available at another location, it is critical to find a medical transportation company willing to pick the patient up directly from his or her bed at the discharging facility. The vehicle should arrive at the hospital at the scheduled time and proceed to transfer the patient via wheelchair or mobile hospital bed onto the long distance ambulance. This alleviates the need for the family to take the patient somewhere else for pickup.

A Stress-Free, Comfortable Ride

Once the long distance medical transport picks up the patient, the ride to the new center should be stress-free and comfortable. When you choose the right medical transportation company for your loved one, they will have the same level of healthcare they would receive in the hospital or other medical facility, even though they are on the road. Because the medical personnel on the long distance ambulance were able to communicate directly with the healthcare professionals at the discharging medical establishment, this bedside-to-bedside transport offers continuity of care.

The New Facility

Once the long distance medical transport arrives at the new medical facility, patients are taken inside to their new bed by the same staff, continuing the communication between care providers for the best medical care. These professionals can discuss the trip with the medical staff while admitting the patient and providing critical information to make sure the patient receives the appropriate care. The goal of any medical transportation company that offers bedside-to-bedside transfer is to establish that the patient is comfortable through every step of the process and receives assistance settling into their new environment.

Transferring between medical facilities can be a stressful experience for a patient if it isn’t handled properly. For this reason, it is critical for family members to find a long distance ambulance service that provides bedside-to-bedside transfer. These transfers ensure continuity in care and a stress-free, comfortable relocation for patients who are experiencing serious medical issues. This increases the chances of an easier recovery, giving individuals the care they require in a facility that can best serve their needs.

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