What Services does a Medical Air Transport Service Offer?

You should expect a host of services from medical air transport services, including the most basic of all: Transporting patients back to their homes. Other services are more complex, though. However, a service provider offers a comprehensive array of services to fit the medical situation.

Here are some of the services a reputable and established medical air transport company offers:

  • Air Ambulance Transport

  • In some cases, an air ambulance is needed to transport patients. It’s fast, reliable, and comfortable transportation back to their base, which could be a distant country for further medical treatment.

    The flights are usually international, but at the same time, they can be both short-range or long-range. Additionally, air ambulances normally can accommodate the patient’s medical needs. Also, the ambulances are fitted with the proper equipment and may be accompanied by medical specialists.

  • Commercial Medical Escort/Personnel

  • A medical air transport provider’s services are not restricted to the air transport unit. Accompaniment on a commercial flight is another service on offer. For example, if a patient travels alone, the service provider can include a team of critical care flight nurses or physicians.

    With these professionals on a commercial flight, the chances of patients making it to their destination in good health increases.

  • Top-notch Ground Ambulance Transport

  • Medical situations often happen anywhere, at any time, and without warning. Sometimes, medical emergencies occur in remote locations. However, a top-notch ground transport service is part of a medical air transport service.

    The unit is handled by a team of medical experts that assess the situation and stabilize the patient when needed. They can also transfer patients to a local facility or airport for further attention.

  • Helping Patients and Families with Repatriation

  • Patients may need to return to their home countries or another state. That can present many logistical issues. But a good service provider will identify the issues and help in the repatriation process.

    A competent service provider will have a team of experts, including multilingual specialists, as the case may be, to handle custom issues and other necessary paperwork.

  • Medical Insurance Verification

  • Verifying medical insurance is a necessary part of the process, but you can do it with others. A good medical air transport company provides patients and their families with claims specialists who can facilitate this process.

    This service is important, especially when dealing with confusing insurance issues while the patient is trying to recover.

  • Medical Staffing for Special Events

  • Some large organized events like football games, political gatherings, or music concerts may attract people from different locations. These events need medical staffing in case of emergencies. A service provider can send a ground transport team while the air ambulance is on standby.

Final Thoughts

When a medical situation happens in a distant location, it’s important to use an established medical air transport service. When you do that, it’s easy to accommodate many situations, even dire ones. Also, patients will have access to advanced care before getting to a facility for more attention.
The bottom line is that a competent medical air transport company is ready for all eventualities.


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