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What to Expect from A Commercial Medical Escort Service

Traveling long distances can be both challenging and inconveniencing for those who are chronically ill, cognitively impaired, or seriously injured. However, with careful planning and proper coordination, people who are in dire need of medical assistance for both their safety and comfort when they travel can take advantage of a commercial medical escort service.

Medical escort services should not be confused with a standard air ambulance transport service where a dedicated air ambulance is used to transport patients usually for medical emergencies and in the presence of a sophisticated medical team.

Who Are Medical Escorts?

Medical escorts are trained medical personnel that accompanies people suffering from a non-emergency medical condition or those who need medical assistance during transit. Usually, medical escorts will often accompany patients on commercial flights to their home or a dedicated medical facility for continued care.

Medical escorts can either be physician assistants, physicians, or nurses that are certified in emergency medical training or intensive care training. This skill is necessary so they can respond to any potential medical problem that may ensue during travel.

What to Expect

Here’s what family members, loved ones, and the patient can expect from a commercial medical escort service.

Before Travel: On successfully booking a medical escort service, the medical team will demand the patient’s discharge information (where applicable), any instruction or directions regarding care or treatment, any unique supplies or medication the patient would require, this may sometimes include supplemental oxygen and other emergency supplies depending on the patient’s condition. The medical escort and the patient will also agree on a rendezvous before departure.

During Travel: The qualified medical personnel accompanying the patient during the travel will help with all the necessary checks and paperwork at the airport. Also, they would coordinate with the airline and the flight crew to ensure that all the required arrangements are made for both the safety and convenience of the patient. Furthermore, the medical escort will also see to the care, safety, comfort, and well-being of the patient throughout the flight.

After Travel: On arrival, the medical escort will help the patient navigate any necessary custom checks and also help with baggage claim and security. The patient will also be accompanied to the receiving care facility, medical facility, or home of the patient. Here, the medical escort will provide a comprehensive update of the medical status of the patient, any further comments, and also share a document containing all the medical care and instruction for the patient.

Commercial medical escort services are often favored to a standard air ambulance service since the patient will primarily require non-emergency medical care. Air ambulance services can be quite expensive, making commercial aircraft transport a more viable option for most people.

Medical escorts on commercial planes are recommended and ideal for patients that cannot travel independently, have fallen ill, or become injured during a vacation far from home and require any form of non-emergency medical assistance for the journey back.