When Do We Consider a Non-Emergency Medical Transport as Long Distance Transportation?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) could either be short or long-distance medical transport. Non-Emergency Medical Transport companies generally define long-distance as any transportation that occurs at least over 200 miles.

Where a trip is within 24 hours or less than 1,500 miles, it is often advisable to travel by road than by air. Patients who need a stretcher, or are suffering from bariatric issues can enlist a medical transport long-distance NEMT company to convey them to a nearby county, or far across the United States.

Moreover, patients who need wheelchairs to get around, as well as those who can walk without external assistance may also enlist long-distance non-emergency transportation services. With a good medical transport company, users can rest assured that they or their loved ones will experience adequate care throughout the trip.

How Are Long-Distance Non-Emergency Transportation Priced?

Pricing in the medical transport market is quite unstable for long distances over shorter transports, and that variation occurs for different reasons. For instance, the special needs of the involved individual and their specific itinerary differ from one situation to another. Different factors, therefore, could contribute to or diminish the transportation costs.

Common factors that could determine how much you’ll pay for long-distance NEMT service include:

  • Does the patient require a one-way trip or also wants a return trip?
  • What form of transportation is involved: stretcher or wheelchair; fully mobile senior or bariatric?
  • How many drivers are needed? Several variables such as the amount of needed care or assistance by patients can influence how many drivers are required on-board.
  • How long is the journey? And how many stops are involved?

Who Qualifies for Long Distance Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Patients who require Basic Life Support qualify for medical transport over long distances. Also, mobility issues, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, heart, and lung conditions qualify an individual for long-distance NEMT. However, persons who need a tracheostomy or a ventilator, or are in critical medical condition aren’t eligible for medical transport over long distances.

Generally, medical practitioners often recommend long-distance NEMT by road over flying. That’s because traveling with a vehicle is usually less stressful than having the patient get to the airport and getting on a flight.

Features of a Quality NEMT Service Provider

If you or a loved one are traveling over a long distance, here are some of the qualities to look out for:

  • Ensure that all transport staff on-board are drug, smoke, and alcohol-free. Ask the company about their drug and alcohol policy for staff.
  • The NEMT Company has measures put in place to monitor and regulate safe driver practices throughout the trip.
  • A trained and certified medical personnel is on board to assist you or your loved one
  • Basic life support medical items and supplies are available onboard
  • The fleet of vehicles should be adequately equipped with safety features
  • Check that the drivers have required certification and training.



Not every NEMT company offers medical transport over long distances. But where you find them, long-distance medical transport services are handy professional alternatives for transporting you or your loved ones with implicated medical conditions. Before deciding on a provider, ensure that the company has the requisite safety features and trained staff in place.


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