When Should You Use a Hospital Transport Service?

Hospitals and healthcare transport companies often provide both emergency and non-emergency transportation. If you would like to be conveyed to a hospital in one of their cars or vans, you can arrange a trip with them over the phone.

But unless you are physically unable to carry yourself around, you may wonder if you need a special patient transport vehicle to get you there. Perhaps you would consider such an option if there are cost savings to be made over a ride-hailing option, for instance. Maybe you would use it if it’s much more comfortable than public transportation.

But what other benefits could you get from being conveyed by a medical sedan or a hospital cab? When is the right time to use a hospital transport service?

Let’s look at the situations in which this service would be necessary or optional.

When It’s Necessary to Use a Patient Transport Service

If there’s an Emergency

If there’s an emergency, ambulance services will be required to take the affected persons to a hospital for treatment. Ambulances typically have trained medical personnel and emergency medical equipment and aids on board.

When the Patient Is Physically Incapacitated

Patients who are weak or unable to walk or rest without support are better off driven to hospitals in a medical van. Staff onboard the vehicle can help them onto it. Depending on their physical condition, patients may be held by the arm, wheeled in, or carried on a stretcher.

If the Patient is Being Moved between Facilities

Sometimes patients have to be transferred from a healthcare center to one that offers a more specialized service. When this need arises, patients are driven to their new facility in a van equipped for this purpose.

When It’s Optional But Worth Considering

If You Would Like a Comfortable Journey

Even if you aren’t weak or incapacitated, you could still arrange a trip to your next checkup with the hospital or a healthcare transport service provider. They will likely take you to your destination quicker than a public bus would. They also tend to be more comfortable rides than regular commercial vehicles.

Older people who can do without the hassles of a crowded bus will probably prefer to use a hospital transport service instead.

When You Want to Keep to Appointment Dates

Studies show that patients are more likely to keep to a scheduled appointment with a doctor if they can be taken there by a dedicated vehicle. When they have to choose between visiting a hospital and doing something else they consider important, they will likely go for the more comfortable option. If there’s someone ready to take them to a specialist when it’s time, it will be easier for them to choose the trip.


A growing number of healthcare centers are providing non-emergency conveyance services to patients to help them meet up with scheduled visits.  Several medical transport companies also offer this service. When you have to choose between service providers, you may have to compare costs and the quality of service on offer. Go for the option that guarantees a better overall outcome for you.


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